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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
R&eacent;va Female Unknown -
Rókus Male Hungarian -
Ra The sun. Male Egyptian -
Ra Doe. Female English -
Raaadhika Love of Krishna Female Indian -
Raadh N/A Male Indian -
Raadhaa Radha; Krishna's Beloved Female Indian -
Raadhesh The Consort of Radha; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Raadhika Krishna's Girlfriend Female Indian -
Raadhiya Lover of Krishna; Satisfied Female Indian -
Raaga Belongs to Music Terms Female Indian -
Raaghav Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raagini Music Female Indian -
Raahi Traveller Male Indian -
Raahi Good Companion Female Indian -
Raahil Path guider Male Arabic -
Raahil Path guider Male Muslim -
Raahithya Lots of Money Person Male Indian -
Raahul Son of Buddha Male Indian -
Raaida Leader Female Indian -
Raaisha Leader; Goddess Female Indian -
Raajaa King Male Indian -
Raajeev Blue Lotus Male Indian -
Raajyashree Propriety of a King Male Indian -
Raaka Full moon Female Bengali -
Raaka Full moon Female Assemese -
Raaka Full Moon Female Indian -
Raakaa Day of the Full Moon Male Indian -
Raakesh Lord of the Night Male Indian -
Raakhee N/A Female Indian -
Raakhi symbol of protection Female Bengali -
Raakhi symbol of protection Female Assemese -
Raakhi Symbol of Protection; Full Moon in the Sravan Month Female Indian -
Raakin Respectful Male Arabic -
Raakin Respectful Male Indian -
Raakin Respectful Female Indian -
Raam Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit Male Indian -
Raam-datt Gift of Rama Male Indian -
Raamaanuj Younger Brother of Rama Male Indian -
Raamah thunder Male Hebrew -
Raamdatt Gift of Rama Male Indian -
Raameen Obedient Female Arabic -
Raameen Obedient Female Muslim -
Raamiah Thunder, or evil, from the Lord. Female Biblical -
Raamiz Symbol Male Arabic -
Raamiz Symbol Male Indian -
Raanan fresh, green, flourishing Male Filipino -
Raanan Fresh Male Hebrew -
Raanana Fresh Female Hebrew -
Raashi Sign of the Zodiac Female Indian -
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent Male Arabic -
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent Male Muslim -
Raatib Arranger Male Arabic -
Raatib Arranger Male Indian -
Raatri Night Female Indian -
Raavee Awesome Male Indian -
Raavee Awesome Female Indian -
Raavi Sun Male Indian -
Raavi A River Female Indian -
Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry Female Arabic -
Raawiya Transmitter Female Indian -
Raaz Secret Male Indian -
Rab Diminutive of Robert: Famed, bright; shining. An all-time favorite boys' name since the Middle Ages. Famous Bearers: Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce and novelist Robert Ludlum. Male German -
Rab Bright fame. Male Teutonic -
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