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Popular Baby Names, origin Danish

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Abellona Mannish. Female Danish -
Agneta Pure. Female Danish -
Ailsa Danish form of Elizabeth. Female Danish -
Almeta Pearl. Female Danish -
Anders Danish form of Andrew. Male Danish -
Anker Danish form of Andrew. Male Danish -
Anndrea Feminine form of Ander. Female Danish -
Annelise Graceful light. Female Danish -
Annemette Bitter pearl. Female Danish -
Aren Esgle. Male Danish -
Arend Danish form of Arnold. Male Danish -
Argus Vigilant. Male Danish -
Arvada Eagle. Female Danish -
Astrid Divine strength. Female Danish -
Axel Father of peace. Male Danish -
Balduin Bold. Male Danish -
Bardo son of the earth Male Danish -
Bartram Glorious raven. The raven was consecrated to the Norse war god Odin and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard. Male Danish -
Bent Blessed. Male Danish -
Berde Glacier. Male Danish -
Bergitte Danish form of Bridget. Female Danish -
Bo Commanding. Male Danish -
Bodil Commanding. Male Danish -
Brede Glacier. Male Danish -
Britta Danish form of Bridget. Female Danish -
Caesar Long hair. Male Danish -
Christian Believes in Christ. Male Danish -
Christiansen Son of the Christian. Male Danish -
Christoffer Christ hearer. Male Danish -
Christofferson Son of Christoffer. Male Danish -
Clady Danish form of Claudia. Female Danish -
Clemens Clemency; mercy. Male Danish -
Dagmar Famous day. Derived from a compound of two German words. Also, glory of the Danes. Female Danish -
Dakin Danish Female Danish Dane, Daine, Daneen, Danika
Dana From Denmark. Female Danish -
Dane From Denmark. Male Danish -
Diederik ruler of the people Male Danish -
Dorothea Danish form of Dorothy. Female Danish -
Ebba Strength. Female Danish -
Ejnar Warrior. Male Danish -
Else Danish form of Elizabeth. Female Danish -
Enok Biblical name. Male Danish -
Erik Powerful. Male Danish -
Eva Danish form of Eve. Female Danish -
Federikke Feminine form of Frederik. Female Danish -
Frans Free. Male Danish -
Franz Free. Male Danish -
Frederik Peaceful ruler. Male Danish -
Fritz Free. Male Danish -
Gardiner garden keeper Male Danish Gardener, Gardenor, Gardner, Gardnard, Garden, Gar
Gelsomina Jasmine. Female Danish -
Gjerta Protection. Female Danish -
Gregos Watehful. Male Danish -
Grette pearl Female Danish -
Gudrun Wise. Female Danish -
Gytha Warring. Female Danish -
Hanne Feminine form of Hans. Female Danish -
Hans God's gift. Male Danish -
Harald War chief. Male Danish -
Henning Danish form of Henry. Male Danish -
Henrik Danish form of Henry. Male Danish -
Inga Daughter of a hero. Female Danish -
Ingeborg Ing's protection. Female Danish -
Ingelise Ing's grace. Female Danish -
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