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Popular Baby Names starting with S

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sólyom falcon Male Hungarian -
Sølve Male Scandinavian -
Saa A nature god. Male Egyptian -
Saabir Patient Male Arabic -
Saabir Patient Male Indian -
Saabira Patient Female Indian -
Saachee Beloved Male Indian -
Saachee Beloved Female Indian -
Saachi Truth Female Bengali -
Saachi Truth Female Assemese -
Saachi Truth Female Indian -
Saad A companion of the Prophet SAW Male Arabic -
Saad Good Luck Male Indian -
Saad Good fortune Male Muslim -
Saada Helpful Female African -
Saadaat The descendants of the Prophet. Male Afghan -
Saadah Happiness Male Arabic -
Saadah Happiness Male Muslim -
Saadat Blessing Honour Male Arabic -
Saadat Blessing, Honour Male Muslim -
Saadhanaa Practice; A Quest Female Indian -
Saadia Lucky Female Arabic -
Saadia Lucky Female Muslim -
Saadiq Truthful Male Arabic -
Saadiya Flower Female Arabic -
Saadiya Flower Female Muslim -
Saaedah The quiet one Female Arabic -
Saafir Ambassador handsome Male Arabic -
Saafir Ambassador, handsome Male Muslim -
Saagar ocean Male Bengali -
Saagar Ocean Male Indian -
Saagarica Ocean Nymph Female Indian -
Saahana N/A Female Indian -
Saahid Wakeful Male Indian -
Saahil Sea Shore Male Indian -
Saahir Wakeful Male Arabic -
Saahir Wakeful Male Indian -
Saaiq He who drives on the right path Male Arabic -
Saajana Conquerer of Seasons Male Indian -
Saajid One who worships God Male Arabic -
Saajid One who Worships God Male Indian -
Saakaar Manifestation of God Male Indian -
Saaksh TRUE Male Indian -
Saakshi Witness Female Indian -
Saal The year consisting of twelve months Male Arabic -
Saaleha Flower Female Muslim -
Saalih Good; Righteous Male Arabic -
Saalih Good; Righteous Male Indian -
Saaliha Pure pios and devoted Female Arabic -
Saaliha Good; Useful Male Indian -
Saaliha Good; Useful Female Indian -
Saaliha Pure pios and devoted Female Muslim -
Saalima Safe; Healthy Female Indian -
Saam A Character in Shahnameh Male Indian -
Saaman N/A Male Indian -
Saamiya Elevated, exhalted, lofty Female Arabic -
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty Male Indian -
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty Female Indian -
Saanchi Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Saanchitha Collection of Verses Female Indian -
Saandeep N/A Male Indian -
Saanidhya Abode of God Male Indian -
Saanjh Evening Male Indian -
Saanjh Evening Female Indian -
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