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Popular Baby Names starting with E

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ea Fire. Male Celtic -
Eachan Horseman Male Irish -
Eachann Steadfast. Male Gaelic -
Eachann Steadfast. Male Greek -
Eachthighearn Horse lord. Male Gaelic -
Eacnung Bears children. Female Anglo -
Eada Wealthy. Female English -
Eadaion Joyous friendship. Female German -
Eadbeorht Wealthy. Male English -
Eadbert Lucky spearman. Male Anglo -
Eadburt Wealthy. Male English -
Eadda Wealthy. Female English -
Eadelmarr Noble. Male English -
Eadgar An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and spear (gar). Male English -
Eadgard Blessed. Male Anglo -
Eadger Wealthy spear. Male English -
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the ... Female Anglo -
Eadgyth Happy warfare. An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and war (gyth). Female English -
Eadig Wealthy friend. Male Anglo -
Eadignes Bliss. Female Anglo -
Eadlin Princess. Female Anglo -
Eadlyn Guardian. Male Anglo -
Eadmund Happy defender. An Old English name formed from a compound of ead, meaning rich or happy, and mund, meaning protection. Male English -
Eadmund Rich benefactress. Female English -
Eadric Wealthy ruler. Male English -
Eadsele From Edward's estate. Male English -
Eadward Valued. Male Anglo -
Eadward Wealthy guardian. Male English -
Eadwardsone Son of Edward. Male English -
Eadweald Wealthy ruler. Male English -
Eadweard Wealthy guardian. A compound of eud, meaning rich or happy, and weard, meaning guardian. Male English -
Eadwiella From the old spring. Male English -
Eadwine Wealthy friend. An Old English name compounded from ead, meaning rich or happy, and wine, meaning friend. Male English -
Eadwine Wealthy friend. Female English -
Eadwyn Live long. Male Anglo -
Eadwyn Wealthy friend. Male English -
Eagan Fiery or forceful Male Irish -
Eagon Fiery or forceful Male Irish -
Eairrdsidh Truly brave. Male Scottish -
Eairrsidh Variant of Eairrdsidh: Truly brave. Male Scottish -
Eakant N/A Male Indian -
Eakshaa Rational Female Indian -
Ealadhach Genius. Male Gaelic -
Ealahweemah Nez Perce name meaning sleep. Male Native-American -
Ealaot Wadass Nez Perce name meaning earth. Male Native-American -
Ealaothek Kaunis Nez Perce name meaning birds landing. Male Native-American -
Ealasaid Devoted to God. Female Gaelic -
Ealdian Wealthy defender. Male Anglo -
Ealdun From the elves'valley. Male English -
Ealdwode From the old forest. Male English -
Ealga Noble Female Irish -
Ealhdun From the elves'valley. Male English -
Ealhhard Brave. Male English -
Eallair Monastery's steward. Male Scottish -
Eallard Brave. Male English -
Eallison Son of Elder. Male English -
Ealuvig Ruler of the home. Male Gaelic -
Eaman Earnest. Male Gaelic -
Eames Wealthy guardian Male Irish -
Eamon wealthy guardian Male Anglo-saxon Amon
Eamon Coward. Male Anglo -
Eamon Variant of Edmond: Prosperous protector. A French variant of the Old English name Eadmund, meaning rich or happy, and protection. Male French -
Eamon Rich protector. Male Gaelic -
Eamon Wealthy guardian Male Irish -
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