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Popular Baby Names, origin Anglo-Saxon

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aiken sturdy, oaken Male Anglo-Saxon -
Alodie wealthy Female Anglo-Saxon -
Alston from the old manor Male Anglo-Saxon Alton
Anson son of a nobleman, son of Ann or Hans Male Anglo-Saxon Ansen, Ansonia, Hansen, Hanson
Archibald bold prince Male Anglo-Saxon Arch, Archie, Archy, Arkady, Arky
Avery ruler of the elves Both Anglo-Saxon Averi, Ave, Aves
Bardon barley valley Male Anglo-Saxon -
Berkeley from the birch meadow Male Anglo-Saxon Berkley
Bliss joy Female Anglo-Saxon -
Boyden a herald Male Anglo-Saxon -
Braxton brock's town Male Anglo-Saxon -
Capri the goat Female Anglo-Saxon -
Darlene tenderly beloved, little darling Female Anglo-Saxon Darlin, Darlen, Darleen, Darlynn, Dare, Darla
Eamon wealthy guardian Male Anglo-saxon Amon
Elvis all wise, noble friend Male Anglo-Saxon -
Faina joyful Female Anglo-Saxon -
Garett powerful with the spear Male Anglo-Saxon -
Githa gift Female Anglo-Saxon -
Graham warlike Male Anglo-Saxon -
Irvin lover of the sea Male Anglo-Saxon Irv, Irvine
Kendra understaning, knowledge Female Anglo-Saxon -
Kirby from the church town Female Anglo-Saxon -
Lynn a cascade Female Anglo-Saxon -
Maynard remarkable strength Male Anglo-Saxon -
Mildred mild, power Female Anglo-Saxon Mildrid, Mildraed, Mildryd, Milly, Milli, Milley, Millie, Hildred, Hil, Mil
Morton city on the moor Male Anglo-Saxon Morten, Mortyn, Morty, Mort
Randolph shield, wolf Male Anglo-Saxon Randolf, Randall, Randal, Randell, Randl, Randle, Randy, Rankin, Rand, Ran, Randie, Ranulf, Dolf, Dolph
Sexburth Female Anglo-Saxon -
Sigebryht Male Anglo-Saxon -
Svein Male Anglo-Saxon -
Walburga a might defender, a fortress Female Anglo-Saxon Walburg
Wihtburth Female Anglo-Saxon -
Wihtred Male Anglo-Saxon -
Wulfhere Male Anglo-Saxon -
Wulfnoth Male Anglo-Saxon -
Wynflæd Female Anglo-Saxon -
Wystan battle stone Male Anglo-Saxon Winston
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