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Popular Baby Names starting with D

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Daisey Day's eye. A flower name. Female English -
Daishin Great Truth; Boundless Reality Male Indian -
Daisi Day's eye. A flower name. Female English -
Daisi Daisy. Female French -
Daisie Day's eye. A flower name. Female English -
Daisuke great helper Male Japanese -
Daisy day's eye, flower name Female Latin, Old-English Daisey
Daisy the flower Female Filipino -
Daisy Day's eye, from the old English. Also a flower name. Also a translation of the French Marguerite, and used as a pet form of Margaret. The use of Daisy in the chorus of the song A bicycle built for two made the name Daisy famous. Female English -
Daitan daring; bold one Female Japanese -
Daithi Quick and agile Male Irish -
Daitya A Non Aryan. Male Assemese -
Daitya A Non Aryan Male Indian -
Daityahan Killer of Demons; Another Name for Shiva Male Indian -
Daityari Enemy of Daityas; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Daityasena One who has an Army of Demons Female Indian -
Daivansh Of Divine Origin Male Indian -
Daivat Strength; Power Male Indian -
Daivat Luck Female Indian -
Daivey Dearly Loved Male Indian -
Daivi Pious Soul Female Indian -
Daivik Religious; Godly; Divine Male Indian -
Daivya Divine Male Bengali -
Daivya Divine Male Indian -
Daivya Divine Female Indian -
Daiwik By the grace of God Male Assemese -
Daiwik By the Grace of God Male Indian -
Daiyu black jade Female Chinese -
Daizy Day's eye. A flower name. Female English -
Dajasi Child of Sephiroth Male Indian -
Dajshi Glorious Female Indian -
Dak-Ho deep lake Male Korean -
Daka N/A Female Indian -
Dakarai happiness Male African -
Dakarai Happy. Male Egyptian -
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger. Male Arabic -
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger Male Muslim -
Dakin Danish Female Danish Dane, Daine, Daneen, Danika
Dakini Witch Female Indian -
Dakota friend Both Native-American -
Dakota Friend; ally. Tribal name. Male Native-American -
Dakotah N/A Male Indian -
Dakotah Friend; ally. Tribal name. Male Native-American -
Daksa Competent Male Indian -
Daksa Talented; Perfect Female Indian -
Daksakanya An Able Daughter; Another Name of Durga Female Indian -
Daksanila A Perfect Breeze; A Cold Southern Breeze Male Indian -
Daksapati Lord of the Faculties Male Indian -
Daksari Enemy of the Perfect; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Daksayan Coming from Daksa Male Indian -
Daksayana Coming from Daksa Male Indian -
Daksayani Godess Parvati; Daughter of Daksha Female Indian -
Daksesa Ruler of Daksa Male Indian -
Daksh Expert; Talented; Fit; Fire; Gold Daksh Son of Daksa; Precious Son; Son of a Perfect Being Male Indian -
Daksha Female Hindu -
Daksha The Earth Female Assemese -
Daksha The Earth; Wife Of Lord Shiva Female Hindi -
Daksha Able; Talented Male Indian -
Daksha The Earth; Sati; Wife of Shiva Female Indian -
Dakshakanya Able Daughter Female Bengali -
Dakshakanya Able Daughter Female Indian -
Dakshan Lord of Dakshinamoorthy Male Indian -
Dakshat Talented; Able; Fit Male Indian -
Dakshata Skill Female Indian -
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