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Popular Baby Names starting with F

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Freyr God of weather. Male Norse -
Freystein Rock hard. Male Norse -
Frici Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Frick Courageous; brave. Male English -
Fridleif Father of Ari. Male Norse -
Fridolf Peaceful wolf. Male English -
Fridolph Peaceful wolf. Male English -
Fridtjof Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. Male Scandinavian -
Fridtjov Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. Male Scandinavian -
Friduwulf Peaceful wolf. Male English -
Fridwolf Peaceful wolf. Male English -
Frieda peace, joy Female Old-German Friede, Freida, Fredie, Freda, Winifred
Frieda A variant of Freda, from Fredrick, meaning peaceful ruler. Female English -
Frieda A feminine form of Frederick. Famous bearer: The twentieth century German wife of British writer D. H. Lawrence. Female German -
Friedel Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Friedhelm True peace. Male Teutonic -
Friedrich Variant of Frederick: Merciful leader. Male German -
Friedrich Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Friedrick Nickname variant of Frederick 'peaceful ruler.'. Male German -
Friend Friend. Male English -
Frigyes peace, might Male Hungarian -
Frigyes Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Frika Bold. Male English -
Frimunt Noble protector. Male German -
Frisa Curly - haired. Male English -
Frisco Abbreviation of Francisco 'Free; a free man.'. Male Spanish -
Fritha Beloved Female Indian -
Frithuric An Old German name from 'frithu', meaning peace, and 'ric', meaning ruler. Male German -
Fritjof Thief of peace. Male Scandinavian -
Fritjov Variant of Fritjof: Thief of peace. Male Scandinavian -
Frits Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Fritz peaceful ruler Male Filipino -
Fritz Free. Male Danish -
Fritz Peaceful ruler. Male German -
Fritz Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Fritzchen Variant of Fritz: Peaceful ruler. Male German -
Fritzi Nickname for Frederica. Peaceful ruler. Female German -
Fritzroy Variant of Fritz: Peaceful ruler. Male German -
Frode Wise one. Male Norse -
Frodi Name of an ancient Danish king. Male Scandinavian -
Frohar Angel; Spirit; Spirit which Protects the Soul as a Guardian Angel Male Indian -
Froille Killed by Arthur. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Frollo Killed by Arthur. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Fronda Leafy branch. Female Latin -
Fronde Leafy branch. Female Latin -
Fronia Wise. Female Latin -
Froth 'Measure for Measure' A foolish gentleman. Male Shakespearean -
Fruma one who is religious Female Yiddish -
Fryderyk Polish form of Frederick 'Peaceful ruler'. Male Polish -
Fryderyk Peaceful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Fu wealthy Male Chinese -
Fuad Heart Male Arabic -
Fuad Heart Male Indian -
Fuad Heart Male Muslim -
Fuanilevu Great. Male Polynesian -
Fuchsia fuchsia flower Female Filipino -
Fudail Excellent in character Male Arabic -
Fudail Excellent in character Male Muslim -
Fudayl Learned, Scholar Female Arabic -
Fudayl Learned, Scholar Female Muslim -
Fudo god of fire and wisdom Male Japanese -
Fuensanta a holy fountain Female Spanish -
Fugeltun From the people's estate. Male English -
Fugol Wicked. Male Anglo -
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