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Popular Baby Names starting with F

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Faisal Decisive Male Indian -
Faisal Strong, handsome Male Muslim -
Faisal / Faysal Decisive Male Muslim -
Faishah Head; Principal; Place of Origin of a River or Torrent Male Indian -
Faith trust, faith Female Latin Faithful, Faythe, Fayth
Faith faith Female Filipino -
Faith Faithful. A Christian virtue name popular among 16th century Puritans. Female English -
Faith Confidence; trust; belief. Female Greek -
Faith One of the Virtues Female Indian -
Faithe Faithful. Female English -
Faiyaz Artistic Male Arabic -
Faiyaz Artistic Male Indian -
Faiz Winner Male Arabic -
Faiz Blessing , Bounty, Profusion, profit. Male Afghan -
Faiz Gain Male Indian -
Faiz Winner Male Muslim -
Faiza Gain. Female Arabic -
Faiza Victorious; Winner Male Indian -
Faiza Gain Female Indian -
Faiza Gain Female Muslim -
Faizaan Grace, Favour. Male Arabic -
Faizaan Grace, Favour Male Muslim -
Faizah victorious Female African -
Faizah Successful Female Arabic -
Faizah Achieving; Attaining; Accomplishing; Possessing Male Indian -
Faizah Victorious; Winner Female Indian -
Faizah Successful Female Muslim -
Faizah, Faiza Victorious, winner Female Muslim -
Faizal N/A Male Indian -
Faizan Ruler. Male Arabic -
Faizan Generosity; Abundance; Benefit Male Indian -
Faizan Ruler Male Muslim -
Faizeen Honest Male Indian -
Faizel ajudge Male Arabic -
Faizudin Bounty of religion. Male Afghan -
Faizullah Abundance from God. Male Afghan -
Fajar N/A Male Indian -
Fajaruddin TheFirst Male Arabic -
Fajaruddin The First Male Muslim -
Fajer Morning Male Arabic -
Fajr The dawn, name of the morning prayer Female Arabic -
Fajr Dawn, morning prayer Female Muslim -
Fajyaz Artistic Female Indian -
Fakaruddin Pride of Religion; Glory of the Faith Male Indian -
Fakeeh Cheerful Male Arabic -
Fakeeh Cheerful Male Muslim -
Fakeehah Cheerful. Female Arabic -
Fakeehah Cheerful Female Indian -
Fakeehah Cheerful Female Muslim -
Fakeer A Saintly Person Male Indian -
Fakhar Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility Male Indian -
Fakhir Proud, excellent Male Arabic -
Fakhir Glory; Excellent Quality Male Indian -
Fakhir Proud, excellent Male Muslim -
Fakhirah Splendid, Elegant. Female Arabic -
Fakhirah Splendid; Elegant Female Indian -
Fakhirah Splendid, Elegant Female Muslim -
Fakhiri Honorary Male Arabic -
Fakhiri Honorary Male Indian -
Fakhr Pride Something toFeel proud about Male Arabic -
Fakhr Pride, Something to feel proud about Male Muslim -
Fakhr al Din Pride of the faith Male Arabic -
Fakhr al Din Pride of the faith Male Muslim -
Fakhra Good, new. Female Arabic -
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