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Popular Baby Names starting with Q

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Qayyima Precious, valuable Female Arabic -
Qazi Judge; Justice Male Indian -
Qeb Father of the earth. Male Egyptian -
Qi enlightenment Male Chinese -
Qi fine jade Female Filipino -
Qiam Rising, insurrection, revolt. Male Afghan -
Qiana singers Female Filipino -
Qianfan thousand sails Male Chinese -
Qiang strong Male Chinese -
Qiao skilful Female Chinese -
Qiao handsome or beautiful Both Filipino -
Qiaolian always skilful Female Chinese -
Qidam N/A Male Indian -
Qimat Valuable Female Hindi -
Qindeel Light Female Arabic -
Qindeel Light Female Muslim -
Qing dark blue Female Chinese -
Qing aqua colored Female Filipino -
Qing Yuan deep water, clear spring Both Filipino -
Qingling celebration of understanding Female Chinese -
Qingshan celebrating goodness Male Chinese -
Qingzhao understanding Female Chinese -
Qiqiang enlightenment Male Chinese -
Qirat Beautiful Recitation Female Arabic -
Qirat Beautiful Recitation Female Muslim -
Qisaf Brittle Female Arabic -
Qisaf Brittle Female Muslim -
Qismah Destiny, fate, ordained by God Female Arabic -
Qismah Destiny, fate, ordained by God Female Muslim -
Qiu autumn Male Chinese -
Qiu autumn Female Chinese -
Qiyyama Stand for Allah Female Arabic -
Qiyyama Stand for Allah Female Muslim -
Qochata White man (Hopi). Male Native-American -
Qodisa / Qudsia Holy, celestial. Female Afghan -
Quade descendent of Uad Male Filipino -
Quade From the Scottish clan name McQuade. Male Gaelic -
Quadir Strong. Male Arabic -
Quadir Strong Male Muslim -
Quadriyyah Strong Female Arabic -
Quadriyyah Strong Female Muslim -
Quaid Irish form of Walter Male Irish -
Quamar The Moon Male Indian -
Quan spring (of water) Male Chinese -
Quan soldier; warrior Male Vietnamese -
Quana aromatic Male Filipino -
Quanda slender young tree Female Filipino -
Quang clear Male Vietnamese -
Quang clear Male Filipino -
Quant rogue Both Filipino -
Quany Proud. Male Scottish -
Quarrie Proud. Male Scottish -
Quartus Fourth. Female Biblical -
Quasar meteorite Female Filipino -
Quasar Meteorite Female Hindi -
Quasar N/A Male Indian -
Quasar Meteor Female Indian -
Quasim one who divides goods among his people Male Arabic -
Quasim just, fair Male Filipino -
Quasim Old Generation Male Assemese -
Quasim Old Generation Male Indian -
Quasshie Born on Sunday. Male Egyptian -
Qubad / Qobad Character from Shahnameh Male Afghan -
Qubilah Concord Female Arabic -
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