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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Rafi / Rafee High Ranking, Noble, Eminent, Exalted, Sublime. Male Afghan -
Rafia High, Sublime. Female Arabic -
Rafia High; Exalted; Sublime Female Indian -
Rafia High, Sublime Female Muslim -
Rafia / Rafeeia elevated, noble, sublime. Female of Rafi. Female Afghan -
Rafiah Sublime, exquisite Female Arabic -
Rafiah Sublime, exquisite Female Muslim -
Rafid Support Male Muslim -
Rafida Generous, liberal Female Arabic -
Rafidah Support Female Muslim -
Rafif to gleam, shimmer Female Muslim -
Rafik Kind, friend Male Arabic -
Rafik Don Bari Brahmana Da Male Indian -
Rafiki Friend Male African -
Rafiq Kind, friend Male Arabic -
Rafiq dear friend Male Filipino -
Rafiq Associate, Intimate friend, Companion. Male Afghan -
Rafiq True Friend; Trustable; Helpful Male Indian -
Rafiq Kind, friend Male Muslim -
Rafiqah Friend, companion Female Arabic -
Rafiqah Friend, companion Female Muslim -
Rafiqh N/A Male Indian -
Rag Piece of music Female Bengali -
Rag Piece of Music Female Indian -
Raga Harmonious Female Indian -
Ragachandrika Lord Krishna's Lover Female Indian -
Ragajanani Goddess Durga; Musical Related Name and Heart; Mother; Tenderness Female Indian -
Ragamalika N/A Female Indian -
Ragamaya Full of Passion; Music; Colour Female Indian -
Ragasutra Radha; Lover of Krishna Female Indian -
Ragav Lord of God Male Indian -
Ragavarshini One who Showers Ragas Female Indian -
Ragavarthini Elevation Female Indian -
Ragavi Beautiful Girl Female Indian -
Ragbhay Fearlful Anger Male Indian -
Ragesh The Man who Sings Sweet Ragas Male Indian -
Rageshwari Goddess of Melody; Master of Melodic Modes Female Indian -
Rageswari Goddess of Melody; Master of Melodic Modes Female Indian -
Ragha N/A Male Indian -
Raghab Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghad Pleasant. Female Arabic -
Raghad Pleasant Female Muslim -
Raghad or Raghda Pleasant Female Muslim -
Raghallach Valiant. Male Gaelic -
Raghav Lord Rama Male Bengali -
Raghav Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghava Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghavan Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghavendra Leader of the Raghus Male Indian -
Raghavendran Lord Ram Male Indian -
Raghavi Music Female Indian -
Raghbir Warrior of the Raghu Family Male Indian -
Raghd Pleasant Female Indian -
Raghda Pleasant Female Arabic -
Ragheb Desirous Male Arabic -
Ragheb Desirous Male Indian -
Ragheeda Prosperous, happy Female Arabic -
Raghib Desirous Male Arabic -
Raghib Desirous; Willing; Desiring Male Indian -
Raghib Desiring, willing Male Muslim -
Raghib, Ragheb Desirous, willing Male Muslim -
Raghibah Desiring, desirous Female Arabic -
Raghibah Desiring, desirous Female Muslim -
Raghid Pleasant Male Muslim -
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