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Popular Baby Names starting with A for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Asmika N/A Female Indian -
Asmita pride Female Hindu -
Asmita Pride Female Hindi -
Asmita Pride Female Indian -
Asmitha Pride Female Indian -
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised Female Arabic -
Asna Voracious Female Indian -
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised Female Muslim -
Aspasia welcomed Female Greek -
Aspen Female Unknown -
Asra Travel by night Female Arabic -
Asra Travel by night Female Muslim -
Asrar Secrets Female Muslim -
Asri N/A Female Indian -
Asriyah Modernist Female Arabic -
Asriyah Modernist Female Muslim -
Assa Mother of Simon. Female Latin -
Assana Waterfall Female Irish -
Assane Waterfall Female Irish -
Asta Star. Female Greek -
Asta Holy. Female Latin -
Astabhuja N/A Female Indian -
Astarte A wife of Seth. Female Egyptian -
Astarte Phoenician goddess of love. Female Latin -
Astera flower name Female Hebrew -
Asteria Star. Female Latin -
Astha Faith Female Indian -
Asthika With Hastha Natchatiram Female Indian -
Asthore Loved one Female Irish -
Asti Presence Female Indian -
Astika N/A Female Indian -
Astikamara N/A Female Indian -
Astikya N/A Female Indian -
Astine the beautiful Female Armenian -
Astolat Lady of Shalott who kills herself for the love of Lancelot. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Astra like a star Female Greek -
Astra From astralis meaning of the stars, derived from the Greek astron meaning star. Female Latin -
Astraea Justice. Female Greek -
Astraea Surname of Artemis. Female Latin -
Astrea Star. Female Greek -
Astrid star, super strength, divine strength Female Greek, Old-Norse Astera, Astred, Asta, Astyr
Astrid star Female Armenian -
Astrid Divine strength. Female Danish -
Astrid Divine Strength Female Indian -
Astynome Daughter of Chryses. Female Latin -
Asuka tomorrow fragrance Female Japanese -
Asura Spiritual Female Indian -
Asuya N/A Female Indian -
Asvedha One of the Mandram Female Indian -
Asvika A Little Mare Female Indian -
Asvini Of Great Wealth; Swift Female Indian -
Aswantha Holy Tree; Peepal Tree; Buddha Got Wisdom Under it Female Indian -
Aswathi Na Female Hindi -
Aswathi N/A Female Indian -
Aswini Healer of Devas; Name of Star Female Bengali -
Aswini Healer of Devas; Name of Star Female Indian -
Asya Born during a time of grief Female African -
Asya Grace Female Indian -
Atalanta A huntress. Female Greek -
Atalanta A huntress. Female Latin -
Atalante A huntress. Female Greek -
Atalaya Guard-tower Female Indian -
Atalia The Lord is mighty Female Hebrew -
Ataliah The Lord is mighty Female Hebrew -
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