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Popular Baby Names starting with F for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Fernanda Adventurous. Feminine of Fernando. Female Latin -
Ferne A green plant that loves shade. Female English -
Feronia goddess of springs and woods Female Latin -
Ferran Adventurous. Note: This Database is Copyright 2000, Muse Creations Inc. Female English -
Ferryn Adventurous. Female English -
Ffanci Fancy. Female Welsh -
Ffraid Welsh form of Bridget: strong. Female Welsh -
Fia A flickering fire. Female Italian -
Fiala Violet. Female Czechoslovakian -
Fiammetta A flickering fire. Female Italian -
Fianait Deer Female Irish -
Fianna Legendsry tale. Female Celtic -
Fida Redemption Female Indian -
Fida Redemption Female Muslim -
Fiddah Silver Female Muslim -
Fidelia Feminine form of Fidel, meaning faithful. From 'fidelis'. Female Latin -
Fidelina Faithful. Female Latin -
Fidelity Faithful. Female Latin -
Fidelma Faithful Female Irish -
Fides Faithful. Female Latin -
Fidessa Faithful. Female Latin -
Fifi Diminutive of Josephine: May Jehovah add. Addition (to the family). A feminine form of Joseph. Female French -
Fifine Diminutive of Josephine: May Jehovah add. Addition (to the family). A feminine form of Joseph. Female French -
Fikriya Wise Female Arabic -
Fikriyah Intellectual Female Muslim -
Fila Lover Female Indian -
Filberta Brilliant. Female English -
Filia Amity. Female Greek -
Filicia Great happiness. Female French -
Filipina Lover of horses. Female Greek -
Filomena Lover of man. Beloved. Variant of Philomena. Female Greek -
Filomena Loves mankind. Beloved. Variant of Philomena. Female Italian -
Filomena Lover of man. Female Latin -
Filomenia Lover of man. Female Greek -
Filomina Lover of man. Female Latin -
Filza Light Female Indian -
Findabair Mythical daughter of Medb. Female Celtic -
Findabhair Female Gaelic Finn
Fineena Beautiful child Female Irish -
Finella White shouldered Female Irish -
Fingula Mythical daughter of Lyr. Female Celtic -
Finiashwari N/A Female Indian -
Finna Fair Female Irish -
Finola Variant of Fenella: White shoulder. From 'Fionnghuala' or 'Fionnuala'. Female Gaelic -
Finola Fair shoulders Female Irish -
Finvarra Female Gaelic -
Fiona white, fair Female Celtic Fione, Fionnula
Fiona white, fair Female Filipino -
Fiona White or fair. Reportedly first used as a name by Scottish author William Sharp, who used the pseudonym Fiona MacLeod. Female Gaelic -
Fiona White; Fair; Pale or Fair; Blond; Pale; Beautiful; Hero; Vine Female Indian -
Fiona Fair Female Irish -
Fionavar Female Gaelic -
Fionn Fair Female Irish -
Fionna Fair Female Irish -
Fionnghuala Flower. Female Gaelic -
Fionnghuala White shouldered Female Irish -
Fionnuala A Gaelic name of unknown meaning. Female Gaelic -
Fionnuala Fair shoulders Female Irish -
Fiorenza flower Female Italian -
Fiorenza Flower. Female Latin -
Fir A sharp weapon. Female Arabic -
Fir A sharp weapon Female Muslim -
Firaki Female Hindu -
Firaki Fragrance Female Indian -
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