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Popular Baby Names starting with G for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gwenyver White lady. Female Celtic -
Gwladys A variant of Claudia, meaning lame. Female Welsh -
Gwyn Diminutive of Gwyneth: White. Fair. Happiness. Blessed. Female Welsh -
Gwyndolen White browed. Female Welsh -
Gwyndolin Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwyndolyn Fair; blessed. Female Welsh -
Gwynedd White, happiness, blessed. Also a North Wales county name. Female Welsh -
Gwyneth white; blessed, fortunate Female Welsh Gwynne, Wynny
Gwynith Blessed. Female Celtic -
Gwynn Of the white brow. Female Celtic -
Gwynn Fair; blessed. Female Welsh -
Gwynne White. Female Welsh -
Gwynneth White. Fair. Happiness. Blessed. Female Welsh -
Gyan One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge Female Indian -
Gyana Full of Knowledge; A Devi Name Female Indian -
Gyanada Saraswati Female Hindi -
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati Female Indian -
Gyanaprabha Humming of a Bee Female Indian -
Gyanda Knowledgeable Female Indian -
Gyandeep Lamp of Divine Knowledge Female Indian -
Gyaneshwari Light of Knowledge Female Indian -
Gyani Full of knowledge; intelligent Female Assemese -
Gyani Full of Knowledge; Intelligent Female Indian -
Gyanishtha Knowledge; Determination Female Indian -
Gyanleen One Absorbed in Divine Light Female Indian -
Gyanpreet One who Loves the Divine Knowledge Female Indian -
Gyanroop Embodiment of Divine Light Female Indian -
Gyanveer Brave and Divine in Knowledge Female Indian -
Gylda Gilded. Female English -
Gyldan Gilded. Female English -
Gymnasia One of the Horae. Female Latin -
Gypsy wanderer Female Old-English -
Gypsy Wanderer. Female English -
Gytha a gift Female Old-English -
Gytha Warring. Female Danish -
Gytha Gift. Female English -
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