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Popular Baby Names starting with O for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Orguelleuse An arrogant lady. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Oria From the mountain. Female Greek -
Oria Golden. Female Italian -
Oria Golden. Female Latin -
Orial Golden. Female Latin -
Oriana dawn; east Female Latin, Greek Oralia, Orelle, Orlanna, Oria
Oriana golden Female Filipino -
Oriana Blond. Female Celtic -
Oriana Golden. Female Italian -
Oriana To rise; sunrise; dawn; golden. Female Latin -
Orianna golden, dawning Female Latin Orienne
Oribel Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Oribella Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Oribelle Beautiful golden child. Female Latin -
Oriel golden, angel of destiny Female Old-French Orielle
Oriel Bird. Female French -
Oriel Compound of 'fire' and 'strife'. Female German -
Oriel Golden. Female Latin -
Orinda fire serpent Female Teutonic -
Orinda pine tree Female Hebrew -
Oriole fair-haired Female Latin -
Oris Mother of Euphemus. Female Latin -
Orla golden woman Female Latin -
Orla Golden Princess Female Indian -
Orla Golden lady Female Irish -
Orlaith Golden lady Female Irish -
Orlaithe Golden lady Female Irish -
Orlanda bright sun Female Latin Orlie
Orlantha from the land Female Old-German -
Orlee Light Female Hebrew -
Orlena Gold. Female French -
Orlena Golden. Female Latin -
Orlene Gold. Female French -
Orlene Golden. Female Latin -
Orli light Female Hebrew -
Orlina Gold. Female French -
Ornan That rejoices. Female Biblical -
Ornetta Cedar tree Female Hebrew -
Ornice cedar tree Female Hebrew -
Orpah The neck or skull. Female Biblical -
Orpah a fawn Female Hebrew -
Orphe Lover of Dionysus. Female Latin -
Orpita Offering Female Assemese -
Orpita Offering Female Indian -
Ortensia gardener, farmer Female Latin Hortense
Ortensiana Farmer. Female Latin -
Ortensie Farmer. Female Latin -
Ortygia Calypso's island. Female Greek -
Orva Brave friend. Female Anglo -
Orva Special friend. Female English -
Orva Worth gold. Female French -
Orwina boar friend Female Hebrew -
Orzsebet Devoted to God Female Hebrew -
Osadhi Medication Female Indian -
Osane Health. Female Basque -
Osberga Name of a queen. Female Anglo -
Osburga Name of a queen. Female Anglo -
Oseye Happy one Female African -
Oseye Happy. Female Egyptian -
Osha Nike Female Indian -
Osheen Bright Female Indian -
Oshin N/A Female Indian -
Oshma Summer Season Female Indian -
Oshmi Personality Female Indian -
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