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Popular Baby Names starting with Z for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Zaaei Name of a Flower in Marathi Female Indian -
Zaafira Victorious; Successful Female Indian -
Zaahirah Guest Female Arabic -
Zaahirah Guest Female Muslim -
Zaanannim Movings, a person asleep. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Zaara Beautiful Flower. Female Arabic -
Zaara N/A Female Indian -
Zaara Beautiful Flower Female Muslim -
Zaba she who offers a sacrifice to God Female Hebrew -
Zabby God is my oath Female Filipino -
Zabel God is my oath Female Filipino -
Zabel God is my oath Female Armenian -
Zabrina Latin for the river Severn, England Female Filipino -
Zabrina Form of Sabrina: a princess. Female English -
Zaccai Pure meat, just. Female Biblical -
Zachni Most Beautiful Dancer Female Indian -
Zada lucky one Female Syrian -
Zaeemah Leader Female Arabic -
Zaeemah Leader Female Muslim -
Zafeera Victorius, successful Female Arabic -
Zafeerah Firm. Female Arabic -
Zafeerah Firm Female Muslim -
Zafira Successful, winner Female Arabic -
Zafirah Victorious Female Arabic -
Zafirah Victorious Female Muslim -
Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious, successful Female Muslim -
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable Female Arabic -
Zaghlula Small pigeon Female Arabic -
Zagros sweet, feminine Female Unknown -
Zaha Radiance, splendor Female Arabic -
Zahabiya Gold. Female Arabic -
Zahabiya Gold Female Muslim -
Zahar daybreak; dawn Female Hebrew -
Zahara shining, luminous Female Arabic -
Zahara Blossom Female African -
Zahara Day break Female Hebrew -
Zahara Flower, beauty, star Female Muslim -
Zahavah Golden Female Hebrew -
Zahbia Beautiful Female Indian -
Zaheeda Beautiful Female Indian -
Zaheen Intelligent Female Arabic -
Zaheen Intelligent Female Muslim -
Zaheera Shining; Brilliant; Luminous Female Indian -
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant Female Arabic -
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant Female Muslim -
Zahida Pious, abstinent Female Arabic -
Zahida Beautiful Female Indian -
Zahidah Abstinent Female Arabic -
Zahidah Ascetic, abstentious Female Muslim -
Zahira Radiant, dazzling Female Arabic -
Zahira Shining; Luminous Female Indian -
Zahirah Shining, luminous Female Arabic -
Zahirah Shining, luminous Female Muslim -
Zahirah, Zahra Shining, luminous Female Muslim -
Zahiya Beautiful, bright faced Female Arabic -
Zahiya Beautiful; Bright Face Female Indian -
Zahra white, flowers Female Arabic, Swahili -
Zahra Flowering. (Swahili). Female African -
Zahra Beautiful Female Arabic -
Zahra White. Female Afghan -
Zahra Flower. Female Egyptian -
Zahra Fair Skinned Female Hindi -
Zahra Beautiful; Fair Female Indian -
Zahra Beautiful Female Muslim -
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