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Popular Baby Names starting with K for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kanakraj N/A Male Indian -
Kanakva N/A Male Indian -
Kanal Shining Male Indian -
Kanala Shining Male Indian -
Kanalan Shining Male Indian -
Kanan Male Hindu -
Kanan A garden Male Assemese -
Kanan Forest a Garden Male Indian -
Kanav A Hindu Sage Male Indian -
Kanayaha Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Kanaye zealous one Male Japanese -
Kanca Shining Male Indian -
Kanchan gold Male Bengali -
Kanchan Gold Male Indian -
Kanchana Gold; That which Shines Male Indian -
Kancuka Armour Male Indian -
Kanda Root; A Knot; The Place Where the Three Main Nadis Join Male Indian -
Kandadai N/A Male Indian -
Kandaiah N/A Male Indian -
Kandala Gold; War; Battle; A New Shoot Male Indian -
Kandan Cloud Male Bengali -
Kandan Cloud; Son of Shiva; Another Name God Muruga Male Indian -
Kandaraj N/A Male Indian -
Kandarie protector Male Bengali -
Kandarie protector Male Assemese -
Kandarp God of Love Male Indian -
Kandarpa Cupid Male Bengali -
Kandarpa Cupid Male Indian -
Kandasam N/A Male Indian -
Kandavel God Murugan Male Indian -
Kandhan God Male Indian -
Kandiss Modern variant of 'Candace' -ancient hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens. Male English -
Kandot N/A Male Indian -
Kandula N/A Male Indian -
Kane battle Male Filipino -
Kane Warrior. Intelligent. Popular as a first name in Australia. Male Celtic -
Kane Field of combat. From the place name 'Caen'. Popular as a first name in Australia. Male French -
Kane Tribute. Male Gaelic -
Kane Tribute; Warrior's Son; Bright; Battler; Golden Man; The Eastern Sky; Beautiful Male Indian -
Kane Tribute Male Irish -
Kane Beautiful. Popular as a first name in Australia. Male Welsh -
Kaneer N/A Male Indian -
Kaneera N/A Male Indian -
Kanelinqes Father of Tristan. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Kang well-being Male Chinese -
Kang-Dae strong and big Male Korean -
Kangee Raven (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Kanha Krishna Male Assemese -
Kanha Krishna Male Indian -
Kanhai Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Kanhaiyalal Lord Krishna Male Assemese -
Kanhaiyalal Lord Sri Krisna Male Indian -
Kanhu One of the Childhood Name of Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Kani Strength; Energy Male Indian -
Kaniel stalk, reed Male Hebrew -
Kanil Power; Indestructible Vishnu Like Male Indian -
Kaninaka Youth; The Pupil of the Eye; A Boy Male Indian -
Kanish Caring Male Bengali -
Kanish Caring Male Indian -
Kanishk An Ancient King Male Indian -
Kanishka Name Of A King Male Assemese -
Kanishka Name of a King Male Indian -
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