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Popular Baby Names, origin Chinese

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xiu cultivated Male Chinese -
Xiu grace Female Chinese -
Xiulan graceful orchid Female Chinese -
Xiurong elegant countenance Female Chinese -
Xue studious Male Chinese -
Xue snow Female Chinese -
Xueqin snow-white celery Male Chinese -
Xueyou studious and friendly Male Chinese -
Yan pretty swallow (bird) Female Chinese -
Yang model; pattern Male Chinese -
Yanlin Beijing forest Male Chinese -
Yanlin swallow forest Female Chinese -
Yanyu Beijing jade Female Chinese -
Yaochuan honoring the river Male Chinese -
Yaozu honoring the ancestors Male Chinese -
Ye bright Male Chinese -
Yenay she who loves Female Chinese -
Yi firm and resolute Male Chinese -
Ying clever; eagle Female Chinese -
Yingjie brave and heroic Male Chinese -
Yingtai flower terrace Female Chinese -
Yong brave Male Chinese -
Yongnian eternal years Male Chinese -
Yongrui forever lucky Male Chinese -
You friend Male Chinese -
Yu jade; rain Female Chinese -
Yuan shining peace Female Chinese -
Yuanjun master of the Yuan river Male Chinese -
Yue moon Female Chinese -
Yuming jade brightness Female Chinese -
Yunru charming seeming Female Chinese -
Yunxu cloudy emptiness Male Chinese -
Yusheng jade birth Male Chinese -
Zedong east of the marsh Male Chinese -
Zengguang increasing brightness Male Chinese -
Zenguang increasing brightness Male Chinese -
Zhaohui clear wisdom Female Chinese -
Zhen chaste Female Chinese -
Zhengsheng may the government rise Male Chinese -
Zhensheng may the government rise Male Chinese -
Zhenzhen precious Female Chinese -
Zhilan iris orchid Female Chinese -
Zhiqiang will is strong Male Chinese -
Zhong loyal; steadfast Male Chinese -
Zhu bamboo Female Chinese -
Zhyuan ambition Male Chinese -
Zi beautiful Female Chinese -
Zian self peace Male Chinese -
Zihao son heroic Male Chinese -
Zixin self confidence Male Chinese -
Zongmeng Mencius as a model Male Chinese -
Zongying flowers as a model Female Chinese -
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