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Popular Baby Names, origin Dutch

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Theodorus Gift from God. Male Dutch -
Tiebout Bold. Male Dutch -
Tryne pure Female Dutch -
Van from, of Both Dutch Von
Van Equivalent of 'de' in French names. Van was sometimes converted from a surname prefix to a given name by early immigrants to America. Male Dutch -
Van Of. The Dutch equivalent of 'de' in French names. Some early immigrants to America who dropped this prefix from their surnames converted it to a given name. Female Dutch -
Van Aken From Aachen. Male Dutch -
Van Ness Of the headland. Male Dutch -
Vandenberg From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderbilt From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderpool From the pool. Male Dutch -
Ven Of. Male Dutch -
Verbnigge From the bridge. Male Dutch -
Vogel Bird. Male Dutch -
Vromme Wise. Male Dutch -
Vsn Eych From the osk. Male Dutch -
Vsnderveer From the ferry. Male Dutch -
Vsndyke From the dike. Male Dutch -
Wagner wagon driver Male Dutch -
Wevers Weaver. Male Dutch -
Wigburg Young. Female Dutch -
Wilhelmina Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. Female Dutch -
Willem Resolute protector; will. Male Dutch -
Wilma Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. Female Dutch -
Wit White. Male Dutch -
Woudman Forester. Male Dutch -
Zeeman Sea man. Male Dutch -
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