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Popular Baby Names starting with W

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Wafi Faithful, loyal Male Arabic -
Wafi Faithful, loyal Male Muslim -
Wafid Sky Male Indian -
Wafiq Successful Male Arabic -
Wafiq Successful; Triumphant Male Indian -
Wafiq Successful Male Muslim -
Wafiq, Wafeeq Successful Male Muslim -
Wafiqah Successful Female Arabic -
Wafiqah Successful Female Indian -
Wafiqah Successful Female Muslim -
Wafiqah, Wafeeqa Successful Female Muslim -
Wafir Plenty Male Indian -
Wafiya Loyal; Faithful Female Indian -
Wafiyah Loyal, faithful Female Arabic -
Wafiyah Loyal, faithful Female Muslim -
Wafiyya Loyal, honest Female Arabic -
Wafiyyah Loyal, faithful Female Arabic -
Wafiyyah Loyal; Faithful Female Indian -
Wafiza Fresh air. Female Arabic -
Wafiza Fresh air Female Muslim -
Wagma Morning breeze, dew. Female Arabic -
Wagma Morning breeze, dew Female Muslim -
Wagner wagon driver Male Dutch -
Wagner Wagon maker. Male German -
Wahab Kind hearted Male Arabic -
Wahab Large Hearted Male Indian -
Wahab Giving Male Muslim -
Wahab / Wahaab Bestower, giver, epithet of God. Male Afghan -
Wahabah This was the name of a poetess Female Arabic -
Wahabah This was the name of a poetess Female Muslim -
Wahanassatta He who walks with his toes turned outward (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Wahb Giving Male Arabic -
Wahb Giving Male Muslim -
Wahban related to Wahb Male Arabic -
Wahban (related to Wahb) Male Muslim -
Wahbi Gift Male Muslim -
Wahbiyah Giving Female Arabic -
Wahbiyah Giving Female Muslim -
Wahchinksapa Wise (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wahchintonka Has much Practice (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wahed Single, unique, unit. Male Afghan -
Waheed Unique, One of its kind Male Arabic -
Waheed Unique; Single; Exclusively; Unequalled; Lord of the Sky Male Indian -
Waheed Unique, One of its kind Male Muslim -
Waheeda Unique, matchless Female Arabic -
Waheeda Beautiful Female Indian -
Wahhab One of the ninetynine names of God Male Arabic -
Wahhab To give, to donate Male Muslim -
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent Male Arabic -
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent Male Muslim -
Wahi Another name for the Quran; messengers Male Arabic -
Wahib Liberal donor Male Arabic -
Wahib Donor; Another Name for the God; Munificent; Bestowed; Liberal Donor Male Indian -
Wahib Liberal donor Male Muslim -
Wahibah Giver, donor Female Arabic -
Wahibah Giver; Donor Female Indian -
Wahibah Giver, donor Female Muslim -
Wahid exclusive, unequalled Male Arabic -
Wahid unique Male Filipino -
Wahid Singular; Exclusive; Unique Male Indian -
Wahid Singular, exclusive, unequalled Male Muslim -
Wahid / Vahid / Waheed Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan -
Wahida Unique Female Arabic -
Wahida Beautiful; Peerless; Unique Female Indian -
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