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Popular Baby Names starting with W

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Walton Variant of Walter 'rules; conquers.'. Male German -
Waltraud rule strength Female Teutonic -
Walworth from the homestead of the Britons Male Filipino -
Walworth From the Welshman's farm. Male English -
Walwyn Welsh friend. Male English -
Waman Male Hindu -
Waman Short Male Indian -
Wamblee Eagle (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wambleesha White eagle (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wambli waste Good eagle (Dakota). Male Native-American -
Wambua Born during the rainy season Male African -
Wamika God Male Indian -
Wamika Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Wamil Beautiful Female Indian -
Wamukota Left handed. Male Egyptian -
Wanageeska White spirit (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wanahton Charger (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Wanda wanderer Female Old-German Wenda, Wandis, Wendeline, Wendy, Vanda
Wanda a slender young tree Female Filipino -
Wanda Family; Wanderer. Female German -
Wande Wanderer. Female German -
Wandy Wanderer. Female German -
Waneta charger Female Native-American -
Wanetta Pale. Female English -
Wang hope; wish Male Chinese -
Wania Gift of Allah (swt) Female Arabic -
Wanikiy Savior (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Waniya Pearl Female Arabic -
Waniyya Pearl Female Arabic -
Wann Pale. Female English -
Wanrrick Fortress. Male English -
Wapeka skillful Female Native-American -
Wapi Lucky. Male Native-American -
Waqaar Self-respect. Male Arabic -
Waqaar Self-respect Male Muslim -
Waqar Respect, dignity Male Arabic -
Waqar Dignity, sobriety Male Muslim -
Waqas Warrior Male Arabic -
Waqas Combatant; Soldier Male Indian -
Waqas Warrior Male Muslim -
Waqqas Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Waqqas Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Waquini Hook nose (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Waraich N/A Male Indian -
Ward to guard Male Old-English Wardell, Warden, Wardley, Warfield, Warford, Warley, Warmond, Warton, Warwick
Ward Watchman Male Anglo -
Ward Blossoms, flowers Male Arabic -
Ward guardian Male Filipino -
Ward Guard; watchman. Male English -
Ward Watchman Male Irish -
Ward Blossoms, flowers Male Muslim -
Ward Guard. Male Teutonic -
Warda Guardian, Protector Female Arabic -
Warda Guardian. Female German -
Warda Rose Female Indian -
Warda Guardian, Protector Female Muslim -
Wardah Rose Female Arabic -
Wardah Rose Female Indian -
Wardah Rose Female Muslim -
Wardah, Wordah Rose Female Muslim -
Warde Guard. Male English -
Wardell From the guardian's hill. Male English -
Warden Guard. Male English -
Wardley From the guardian's meadow. Male English -
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