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Popular Baby Names starting with A for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Abree Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abri Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abria a form of Abra Female Hebrew -
Abriana Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abrianna Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abrielle Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abrienne Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abrika Fair Female Indian -
Absara N/A Female Indian -
Abygail a form of Abigail Female Hebrew -
Acacia thorny, naive Female Greek Acazia, Acatia
Academia Named for Cicero's villa. Female Latin -
Acadia Cadie, Caddie Female Canadian -
Acala The Immovable One Female Indian -
Acanit hard times Female Ugandan -
Acantha thorny Female Greek -
Acarnania From Arcanania. Female Latin -
Acca From Acca. Female Anglo -
Accalia foster mother of Romulus and Remus Female Latin -
Acchoda With Clear Water; A River Female Indian -
Acchupta In Active Female Indian -
Acedia Female Czech -
Acelin noble Female Teutonic -
Aceline Noble. Female French -
Acenath Daughter. Biblical - Joseph's Egyptian wife. Female Egyptian -
Achal steady, mountainous Female Hindu -
Achal Steady; Mountainous Female Indian -
Achala Constant Female Bengali -
Achala Steady; Mountain Female Indian -
Achara pretty angel Female Thai -
Achariya wonderful; marvelous Female Cambodian -
Achazia the Lord holds Female Hebrew -
Acheflow White flower. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Achen a twin Female Ugandan -
Acheri Acheri is the Disease-bringing Spirit of a Mountain-dwelling; Little Girl who Journeys Down to the Villages at Night Female Indian -
Achindra Perfect; Without Faults Female Indian -
Achintya Beyond Thought Female Indian -
Achira Very Short Female Indian -
Achit Female Hindu -
Achit Constant Female Indian -
Achla The Earth, Stable Female Bengali -
Achla Constant Female Indian -
Achlys mist, darknesss Female Greek -
Achyutha Immovable Female Indian -
Acidalia Named for Venus. Female Latin -
Acira Brief; Swift; Fast Female Indian -
Acnes Chaste. Female Greek -
Acnes Chaste. Female Latin -
Ad'ifaah Smart, talented Female Muslim -
Ada happy, ornament Female Teutonic, Hebrew Adah
Ada First daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
Ada Grace, Expression. Female Arabic -
Ada Wealthy. Also from the Old German Eda or Etta, meaning happy. Introduced from Germany in the late 18th century. Also a diminutive of Adela, Adelalde, or Adeline. Female English -
Ada Diminutive of Adelaide: Nobility. French form of the Old German Adalheidis, a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood). Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide, 19th century King William IV's consort. Female French -
Ada Diminutive of Adeline and Adela: Sweet or pleasant; of the nobility. Noble. From the Old German 'athal' meaning noble. Female German -
Ada Ornament Female Hebrew -
Ada Prosperous; Happy Female Indian -
Ada Grace, Expression Female Muslim -
Adab Hope, Need. Female Arabic -
Adab Hope, Need Female Muslim -
Adab, Aadab Hope and need Female Muslim -
Adag Pure Female Indian -
Adah beautiful addition Female Unknown -
Adah First daughter. (Nigerian). Female African -
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