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Popular Baby Names starting with A for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Abhya Fearless Female Indian -
Abhyavarshini One who Comes Repeatedly Female Indian -
Abia Great Female Arabic -
Abia Great Female Indian -
Abia Great Female Muslim -
Abiageal Exalted father Female Irish -
Abiba child born after grandmother died Female African -
Abichail Gives joy Female Hebrew -
Abida Worshipper Female Arabic -
Abida Worshipper Female Indian -
Abida Worshipper Female Muslim -
Abidah Worshipper Female Arabic -
Abidah Worshipper; Devotee Female Indian -
Abidah, Abida Worshipper Female Muslim -
Abidemi Born during the father's absence Female African -
Abigael a familiar form of Abigail Female Hebrew -
Abigail head of a monastery, a father's joy Female Latin, Hebrew Abbey, Abbe, Abbie, Abby, Abagail, Abigayle, Abigale, Gail, Abilio, Abihail
Abigail My father rejoices Female Hebrew -
Abigail Father Rejoices Female Indian -
Abigale a form of Abigail Female Hebrew -
Abigayle a form of Abigail Female Hebrew -
Abigya Experienced Female Indian -
Abikanile Listen Female African -
Abilasha Wish; Desire Female Indian -
Abimbola Born to be wealthy Female African -
Abimola Born to Be Rich Female Indian -
Abina born on a tuesday Female Ghanese -
Abiona born on a journey Female Yoruban -
Abiona Born on a journey Female African -
Abir Fragrance, perfume Female Arabic -
Abir Serious, beautiful Female Muslim -
Abir, Abeer Fragrance, perfume Female Muslim -
Abira strong Female Hebrew -
Abira Strong Female Indian -
Abirami Godessname; Godess Lakshmi Female Bengali -
Abirami Godessname;Godess Lakshmi Female Hindi -
Abirami Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Abiramsundari Beautiful Like a Fairy Female Indian -
Abishai My Father is a Gift Female Indian -
Abishta Lady of the House Female Indian -
Abja Born in Water Female Indian -
Abjini Multitude of Lotuses Female Indian -
Abla Perfectly formed Female Arabic -
Abla Perfectly Formed Female Indian -
Ablaa Perfectly formed Female Arabic -
Ablaa Perfectly formed Female Bengali -
Ablaa Perfectly Formed Female Indian -
Ablah Perfectly formed. Female Arabic -
Ablah Perfectly Formed Female Indian -
Ablah Perfectly formed Female Muslim -
Ablah, Abla, Ablaa Perfectly formed Female Muslim -
Abmel N/A Female Indian -
Aboil The name of a flower Female Assemese -
Aboil The Name of a Flower Female Indian -
Aboli A Flower Female Hindi -
Aboli A Flower Female Indian -
Abqurah Genius Female Arabic -
Abqurah Genius Female Muslim -
Abra father of a multitude Female Hebrew -
Abra Example, lesson Female Arabic -
Abra Example; Lesson Female Indian -
Abra Feminine of Abraham. Female Italian -
Abra Example, lesson Female Muslim -
Abrar Devoted to God Female Muslim -
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