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Popular Baby Names starting with I for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Idhant Luminous Male Assemese -
Idhant Luminous Male Indian -
Idhma Sacrificial Fuel Male Indian -
Idi Born during the Idd festival Male African -
Idogbe Brother of twins. Male Egyptian -
Idomeneus A king of Crete. Male Greek -
Idrees A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Idris A Prophets name Male Arabic -
Idris Fiery Lord Male Indian -
Idris A Prophets name Male Muslim -
Idris Fiery lord. Male Welsh -
Idris / Idress/ Edris A Prophet's name. Male Afghan -
Idumpan N/A Male Indian -
Iesa A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Ifor Variant of Ivor: Lord. A variant of the name Ifor. Famous Bearer: Composer Ivor Novello (18931951). Male Norse -
Ifor Archer. Male Teutonic -
Ifor Lord. Can also be a variant of Ivor. Male Welsh -
Ifran Identity Male Arabic -
Ifran N/A Male Indian -
Iftekhar Honour. Male Afghan -
IftekharUdin Pride of the religion. Male Afghan -
Iftikar N/A Male Indian -
Iftikhar Honour, Glory,proud Male Arabic -
Iftikhar Glory; Honour Male Indian -
Igasho Wanders. Male Native-American -
Ignace Fiery. Male French -
Ignacio one who is lively Male Latin Ignatios, Ignazio, Ignazios, Ignatius
Ignacio fire Male Filipino -
Ignacio Fiery. Male Italian -
Ignado Fire. Male Spanish -
Ignatius fiery one Male Filipino -
Ignatius Fiery. Famous Bearers: St Ignatius of Antioch, martyred in the 2nd century. St Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Jesuits in the 15th century. Male Greek -
Ignazio Fiery. Male Italian -
Ignazio Fire. Male Spanish -
Igor hero Male Norse -
Igor Warrior of peace. Ing's warrior (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). From the Scandinavian name Ingyar. Famous Bearer: Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. Male Russian -
Igor Hero. Male Scandinavian -
Igorr Farmer. Male Greek -
Igoryok Farmer. Male Russian -
Ihab gift,leather Male Arabic -
Ihab Leather Male Muslim -
Iham Expected Male Bengali -
Iham Expected Male Indian -
Ihit Prize; Honour Male Assemese -
Ihit Prize; Honour Male Indian -
Ihkas Respect; Honour Male Indian -
Ihsaan Beneficence Male Arabic -
Ihsaan Beneficence Male Indian -
Ihsan Perfection, excellence, Beneficence, charity Male Arabic -
Ihsan Beneficence; Charity; Compassion Male Indian -
Ihsan Kindness, beneficence; highest level of Iman Male Muslim -
Ihteram Respect, honour. Male Afghan -
Ihtesham Magnificiant Male Arabic -
Ihtesham Magnificent Male Indian -
Ihtiram Honour, hold in honour. Male Arabic -
Ihtiram Honour, hold in honour Male Muslim -
Ihtisham Modesty, decency Male Arabic -
Ihtisham Modesty, decency Male Muslim -
Ihtsham Strength Male Arabic -
Ihtsham Strength Male Muslim -
Iiesh Lord of Earth Male Indian -
Iishaanah The Master; Owner; Supreme Male Indian -
Ijay Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Ijay Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
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