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Popular Baby Names starting with I for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ingjald Son of Helga. Male Norse -
Inglebert Variant of Engelbert: Bright as an angel. Male German -
Ingmar famous son Male Scandinavian Ingar
Ingmar Famous son. Male Norse -
Ingmar Famous. Male Swedish -
Ingo Male Unknown -
Ingolf Male Unknown -
Ingolf Ing's wolf. Male Norse -
Ingram ing's raven Male Teutonic -
Ingram Angel Male Anglo -
Ingram Ing's raven (Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility). Used commonly as both a first name and as a surname during the Middle Ages. Male German -
Ingram Ing's raven. Male Norse -
Ingram Raven of peace; Ing's raven. Ing was a mythological Scandinavian hero. Male Scandinavian -
Ingvar Ing's army. Male Scandinavian -
Ingvar Famous fighter. Male Swedish -
Ini-herit He who brings back the distant one. Male Egyptian -
Iniat Blessing Male Arabic -
Iniavelan Sweetest Boy Male Indian -
Inigo Ardent. Male Basque -
Inigo Variant of Ignatius: Fiery. Famous Bearers: St Ignatius of Antioch, martyred in the 2nd century. St Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Jesuits in the 15th century. Male Greek -
Inigo Fiery. Spanish variant of the Latin name, Ignatius. Male Spanish -
Inis Island Male Irish -
Iniss Island Male Irish -
Iniyan Pleasant Natured Male Bengali -
Iniyan Pleasant Natured Male Assemese -
Iniyan Sweetie Male Indian -
Iniyavan Pleasant Natured Male Bengali -
Iniyavan Pleasant Natured Male Indian -
Inkit To Keep in Mind; To Point at Something Male Indian -
Innah N/A Male Indian -
Innes Island Male Irish -
Innes From Innes. Male Scottish -
Inness From the island. Male Celtic -
Innis From the island. Male Celtic -
Innis Island Male Irish -
Innocent Innocent. Male English -
Innocenzio Innocent. Male Italian -
Innuganti King of Kings Male Indian -
Inocencio Innocent. Male Spanish -
Inocente Innocent. Male Spanish -
Inoday Sunrise Male Indian -
Insaf To Judge with Justice Male Arabic -
Insaf Equity, justice. Male Afghan -
Inshaf Equity; Justice Male Indian -
Inshirah The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing Male Arabic -
Intaj King magnificent Male Arabic -
Intaj King, magnificent Male Muslim -
Intakhab Election Male Arabic -
Intakhab Election Male Indian -
Intazar Waiting; Expectation Male Indian -
Intekahb Chosen Male Indian -
Intekhab Choice. Male Afghan -
Intekhab Chosen Male Assemese -
Intekhab Chosen Male Indian -
Inteus Has no shame. Male Native-American -
Intezar Waiting, expectation. Male Afghan -
Intikhab Selection choice Male Arabic -
Intikhab Selection, choice Male Muslim -
Intisaar Triumph Male Indian -
Intizar Wait Male Arabic -
Intizar Wait Male Muslim -
Inu Charming Male Indian -
Inuge N/A Male Indian -
Inukant Beloved of the Sun Male Indian -
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