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Popular Baby Names starting with K for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kakudmi N/A Male Indian -
Kakunda Peak; Chief; Symbol of Royalty Male Indian -
Kal Strong. Male Finnish -
Kal-Hans Swan Male Bengali -
Kal-hans Swan Male Indian -
Kala The Fine Arts; Lady; Princess; The Sun Male Indian -
Kalabhit Immortal; Long-lived Male Indian -
Kalabhiti Of Whom Death is Afraid; Long Lived Male Indian -
Kalad Wealthy Male Indian -
Kaladhar One who Shows Different Phases Male Indian -
Kaladhara Bearer of the Crescent Moon Male Indian -
Kalaghata Time Slayer Male Indian -
Kalaiah N/A Male Indian -
KalaiArasan King of Arts Male Assemese -
Kalaiarasan King of Arts Male Indian -
Kalaiarasu King of Arts Male Indian -
Kalaimani Gem of Arts Male Indian -
Kalakala A Sort of Sound Imitation; Like a River Flow Male Indian -
Kalakant A Song Bird Male Indian -
Kalakuta Potion of Death Male Indian -
Kalal Wine Seller Male Indian -
Kalale N/A Male Indian -
Kalam Another name for the Quran; speech Male Arabic -
KalaMegam Name of a Poet Male Bengali -
Kalan Huge, enormous, greator, bigger. Male Afghan -
Kalan Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. Male Gaelic -
Kalan Warrior Male Indian -
Kalanath Moon Male Bengali -
Kalanath Moon Male Indian -
Kalani The sky; chieftain. Male Hawaiian -
Kalanidhi Receptacle of the Moon Crescent Male Indian -
Kalanjiyam Repository of Wisdom, Wealth, etc Male Assemese -
Kalap Moon Male Indian -
Kalapak N/A Male Indian -
Kalapee N/A Male Indian -
Kalappan Hindu God Male Indian -
Kalappasami Moon Male Indian -
Kalapriya Lover Of Art Male Bengali -
Kalapriya Lover of Art Male Indian -
Kalaraja Lord of Death Male Indian -
Kalari Enemy of Death; Lord Krisna Male Indian -
Kalasanth Shiva Male Indian -
Kalash sacred urn Male Assemese -
Kalash Sacred Pot Male Indian -
Kalasinha Black Lion; Lion of Time Male Indian -
Kalatapaswi A Man who Dedicated to Arts; A Connoisseur Male Indian -
Kalateeta Beyond Time Limitations Male Indian -
Kalavan Having the Fine Arts; The Moon Male Indian -
Kalb dog Male Arabic -
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran Male Arabic -
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran Male Muslim -
Kalbir N/A Male Indian -
Kaldhuta Completely White; Silver Male Indian -
Kale strong and manly Male Hawaiian -
Kale man Male Filipino -
Kale Affectionate; Calm; Fair; Ocean; Pure; Sea; Slender; Tide; Free Man; Man; Strong and Manly Male Indian -
Kaleb a form of Caleb Male Hebrew -
Kaleecharan Feet of Goddess Kali Male Indian -
Kaleem Speaker, talker Male Arabic -
Kaleem Speaker, talker Male Muslim -
Kaleema Public speaker singer Male Arabic -
Kalen Variant of Kay and Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.'. Male English -
Kalen Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. Male Gaelic -
Kalendu Digit of the Moon Male Indian -
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