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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Mustahsan Commendable Male Arabic -
Mustahsan Commendable Male Muslim -
Mustajab One who is heard. Male Arabic -
Mustajab One who is heard Male Muslim -
Mustakim Straight road. Male Arabic -
Mustakim Straight road Male Muslim -
Mustaneer Brilliant. Male Arabic -
Mustaneer Brilliant Male Muslim -
Mustanen Black. Male Finnish -
Mustaq Chosen Male Indian -
Mustaqeem Straight Male Arabic -
Mustaqeem Straight Male Muslim -
Mustardseed 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' A fairy. Male Shakespearean -
Mustatab Good, Delectable Male Arabic -
Mustatab Good, Delectable Male Muslim -
Musunur N/A Male Indian -
Musuri N/A Male Indian -
Muta Obeyed Male Arabic -
Muta Obeyed Male Indian -
Muta Obeyed Male Muslim -
Muta Ali The Most Exalted A Name for Allah Male Arabic -
Mutaa Obeyed Male Indian -
Mutahhir What Purifies. Male Arabic -
Mutahhir What Purifies Male Muslim -
Mutakabbir The Majestic A Name for Allah Male Arabic -
Mutasim faithful to God, name of Khalifah Male Arabic -
Mutasim Adhering; To Faith; To God Male Indian -
Mutasim Adhering (to faith, to God) Male Muslim -
Mutawakel Trusting. Male Afghan -
Mutawalli Entrusted Male Arabic -
Mutawalli Entrusted Male Muslim -
Mutawassit Moderate, average. Male Arabic -
Mutawassit Moderate, average Male Muslim -
Mutaygab Son of Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Mutayyib Fragrant Male Arabic -
Mutayyib Fragrant Male Muslim -
Mutazz Proud; Mighty Male Arabic -
Mutazz Proud; Mighty Male Indian -
Mutazz Proud, honorable Male Muslim -
Mutee Obedient Male Arabic -
Mutee Obedient Male Indian -
Muthaiah N/A Male Indian -
Muthaiyan N/A Male Indian -
Muthanna Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Muthanna N/A Male Indian -
Muthanna Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Muthappan N/A Male Indian -
Muthi N/A Male Indian -
Muthiah N/A Male Indian -
Muthu Pearl Male Indian -
Muthuan N/A Male Indian -
Muthukani Precious Fruit Male Indian -
Muthukumaran God Murugan Male Indian -
Muthumani Gem; Pearl Male Indian -
Muthuram N/A Male Indian -
Muthuraman Beloved Pearl Male Indian -
Muthusamy N/A Male Indian -
MuthuVel God Murugan Male Assemese -
Muthuvel God Murugan Male Indian -
Muthuvelan Murugan Male Indian -
Muti Obedient Male Arabic -
Muti Obedient Male Indian -
Muti Obedient Male Muslim -
Mutius 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Son to Titus Andronicus. Male Shakespearean -
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