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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Muttaqi Righteous, one who fears Allah. Male Arabic -
Muttaqi Righteous, one who fears Allah Male Muslim -
Muttee Obedient Male Arabic -
Muttee Obedient Male Muslim -
Muwafaq Successful Male Arabic -
Muwafaq Successful Male Indian -
Muwaffaq fortunate Male Arabic -
Muwaffaq Successful Male Indian -
Muwaffaq Successful Male Muslim -
Muyassar Fortunate, facilitated Male Arabic -
Muyassar Fortunate, facilitated Male Muslim -
Muzafar Victorious Male Afghan -
MuzafarUdin Victorious of the religion. Male Afghan -
Muzaffar Victorious Male Arabic -
Muzaffar Victorious; Triumphant Male Indian -
Muzaffar Victorious Male Muslim -
Muzakkir Reminder. Male Arabic -
Muzakkir Reminder Male Muslim -
Muzammil The wrapped one Male Arabic -
Muzhir Witnessed name of companion Male Arabic -
Muzhir Witnessed, name of companion Male Muslim -
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet Male Arabic -
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet Male Muslim -
Mwamba Powerful Male African -
Myank Moon Male Indian -
Mychajlo Ukrainian form of Michael 'God like'. Male Ukrainian -
Mykhaltso Ukrainian form of Michael 'God like'. Male Ukrainian -
Myles inventor of the corn mill Male Greek -
Myles Merciful. Male English -
Myles Merciful Male Irish -
Mylnburne From the mill stream. Male English -
Mylnric From the powerful mill. Male English -
Mylo Merciful. Male English -
Mylsamy Sun Male Indian -
Mynogan Mythical father of Beli. Male Celtic -
Myrddin Welsh form of Merlin: Hawk. From the sea fortress. Male Welsh -
Myrick Dark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice. Male Welsh -
Myron sweet oil Male Greek -
Myron Myrrh; sweet oil. Male Aramaic -
Myron myrrh Male Filipino -
Myron My messenger Male Hebrew -
Mythil A Kingdom Male Indian -
Mythri Friendship Male Indian -
Myung bright; clear Male Korean -
Myung-Dae great righteousness Male Korean -
Myung-Suck foundation of ages Male Korean -
Mzazh The Unleveled Bread in the Biblic Story of Moses Male Indian -
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