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Popular Baby Names starting with Z for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Zakery a form of Zachary Male Hebrew -
Zakhil N/A Male Indian -
Zaki Pure Male Arabic -
Zaki keen, intelligent, sagacious. Male Afghan -
Zaki Virtuous; Bright and Pure; Chaste; Pure Male Indian -
Zaki Intelligent, pure, chaste Male Muslim -
Zaki, Zaky Pure Male Muslim -
Zakir Someone who believes in Allah faith Male Arabic -
Zakir One who Remembers; Another Name for God Male Indian -
Zakir Someone who believes in Allah, faith Male Muslim -
Zakiy Pure Male Arabic -
Zakiy Pure Male Indian -
Zakkary a form of Zachary Male Hebrew -
Zakwan Intuitive Male Arabic -
Zakwan Intuitive Male Muslim -
Zalán thrower, hitter Male Hungarian -
Zalak Instant Appearance Male Indian -
Zale Power of the sea. Male Greek -
Zalman peaceful and quiet Male Unknown -
Zalman a form of Solomon Male Hebrew -
Zalman Peaceful and Quiet Male Indian -
Zalmay / Zulmay Young Male Afghan -
Zalmir songbird Male Hebrew -
Zaman Time destiny Male Arabic -
Zaman Epoch, age, tense, time. Male Afghan -
Zaman Time, destiny Male Muslim -
Zameer Conscience Male Arabic -
Zameer Heart, mind, conscience, pronoun. Male Afghan -
Zameer Conscience Male Muslim -
Zamil Friend, collegue Male Muslim -
Zamin Another name for God; biased; security Male Arabic -
Zamir Male Hebrew -
Zamir Brave; Handsome Male Indian -
Zamrakta Charming Male Indian -
Zander defender of men Male Filipino -
Zander Abbreviation of Alexander. Male English -
Zane God's grace, sea-friend Male Hebrew, Old-English Zain
Zane Variant of John. American western writer Zane Grey. Male English -
Zanebono the good one Male Italian -
Zani Male Albanian -
Zaniel angel of mondays Male Latin -
Zanipolo little gift of God Male Italian -
Zankar Ringing of Payal Male Indian -
Zankrut Rankar Male Indian -
Zann Male Hebrew -
Zanobi scarsly alive Male Latin -
Zantarava Auspicious Male Indian -
Zanvil a form of Samuel Male Hebrew -
Zapotocky From beyond the brook. Male Czechoslovakian -
Zaqueo pure, innocent Male Hebrew -
Zaránd gold Male Hungarian -
Zarann Flow of Water Male Indian -
Zarar Brave, Courageous. Male Arabic -
Zarar Brave, Courageous Male Muslim -
Zareb guardian Male Filipino -
Zared trap Male Filipino -
Zared Ambush Male Hebrew -
Zarek may God protect the king Male Greek -
Zarek God protect the king. Male Polish -
Zarek God protects. Male Slavic -
Zarif Nice, graceful, humorous Male Arabic -
Zarif Nice, graceful, humorous Male Muslim -
Zarif / Zareef elegant, nice, delicate, miniature, subtle, witty, clever, victory. Male Afghan -
Zarir Golden Male Indian -
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