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Popular Baby Names starting with Z for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Zion a sign Male Hebrew -
Zion Sign Male Indian -
Zishan Peaceful Male Arabic -
Ziskind sweet child Male Hebrew -
Zisyarupin Having the Appearance of a Scholar Male Indian -
Zitien Little Shinning Spark Male Indian -
Zitin Brightly Shining Star Male Indian -
Ziv very bright Male Hebrew -
Ziv Lively. Male Slavic -
Ziva Brillance; Brightness; A Glow; Splendor Male Indian -
Ziven vigorous and alive Male Slavic -
Ziven Full of Life; Vigorous and Alive Male Indian -
Ziven Alive and vigorous. Male Polish -
Ziven Alive. Male Russian -
Zivon Alive. Male Russian -
Zivon Lively. Male Slavic -
Zixin self confidence Male Chinese -
Ziya Splendour Male Indian -
Ziyad Super abundance Male Arabic -
Ziyad To become greater Male African -
Ziyad He shall add. Male Egyptian -
Ziyad Abundance Male Indian -
Ziyad Abundance Male Muslim -
Zoárd Male Hungarian -
Zobhana Brilliant Male Indian -
Zobor gathering Male Hungarian -
Zoel son of Babel Male Hebrew -
Zoello son of Zoe Male Greek Zoellus
Zohaib Leader, king Male Arabic -
Zohaib Leader; King Male Indian -
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W). Male Arabic -
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W) Male Muslim -
Zohoor appearance Male Arabic -
Zohra Blooming; Jupiter Male Indian -
Zoilo lively Male Greek -
Zola Lump of Earth Male Indian -
Zoland Male Hebrew -
Zollie a form of Solly Male Hebrew -
Zolly a form of Solly Male Hebrew -
Zoltán chieftain Male Hungarian -
Zoltan Life. Male Greek -
Zoltar Life. Male Greek -
Zombor buffalo Male Hungarian Zsombor
Zongmeng Mencius as a model Male Chinese -
Zorán dawn Male Hungarian -
Zoraiz Luminous Object in Arabic Male Arabic -
Zoran Dawn Male Arabic -
Zoravar powerful Male Armen -
Zoravar Powerfull Male Indian -
Zorion Happy. Male Basque -
Zorro golden dawn Male Slavic -
Zory Farmer. Male Russian -
Zosimo lively Male Greek Zosimos, Zosimus
Zotico lively Male Greek Zoticus
Zowie Male Gaelic -
Zravasya Fame; Glory Male Indian -
Zrimat Charming; Lovely; Pleasant; Splendid Male Indian -
Zsiga Victorious defender. Male Teutonic -
Zsigmond victorious defender Male Hungairan -
Zsigmond Victorious defender. Male Teutonic -
Zsolt name of an honor Male Hungarian -
Zubaid Cream, butter. (Zubd) Male Afghan -
Zubair Proper Name. Male Arabic -
Zubair Small piece of iron, a brave and wise person. Male Afghan -
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