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Popular Baby Names, origin Filipino

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Armani from the house of Armand Both Filipino -
Arnel powerful eagle, eagle ruler Male Filipino -
Arnold, Arnaldo strong as an eagle Male Filipino -
Arnulf eagle wolf Male Filipino -
Aron teaching, singing Male Filipino -
Arthur, Arturo the bear Male Filipino -
Ashley the ash tree field Both Filipino -
Asia resurrection Female Filipino -
August, Augustin great Male Filipino -
Aurelio golden Male Filipino -
Aurora goddess of dawn Female Filipino -
Avelino name of an italian city, uncertain, pet form of "Avila", Male Filipino -
Azul color blue Both Filipino -
Balagtas trail blaze Male Filipino -
Baltazar Ba’al protect the king Male Filipino -
Barbara stranger Female Filipino -
Baron nobleman Male Filipino -
Bartolome son of a farmer, son of Talmai Male Filipino -
Basil king Male Filipino -
Basilio noble, royal, kingly Male Filipino -
Bayanai hero Male Filipino -
Bayani hero Male Filipino -
Beatrice, Beatrix bearer of joy Female Filipino -
Belen Bethlehem Female Filipino -
Belinda, Belisima beautiful Female Filipino -
Benedict bessed Male Filipino -
Benigno kind, friendly Male Filipino -
Benjamin son of my right hand Male Filipino -
Bernadette brave as a bear Female Filipino -
Bernard brave bear Male Filipino -
Bernard, Bernardo bold as a bear Male Filipino -
Bernice brings victory Female Filipino -
Beverly from the river stream Female Filipino -
Bianca, Blanca white Female Filipino -
Bien good Female Filipino -
Bienvenido welcome Male Filipino -
Bituin star Female Filipino -
Blue the color blue Male Filipino -
Boris small Male Filipino -
Brando sword Male Filipino -
Brandon from the broom hill Male Filipino -
Bridget, Bridgette lofty, exalted Female Filipino -
Britany, Britney Britain Female Filipino -
Bryan noble Male Filipino -
Caesar, Cesar long haired Male Filipino -
Calvin bald Male Filipino -
Camille perfect Female Filipino -
Candida white Female Filipino -
Caresse beloved Female Filipino -
Carl manly Male Filipino -
Carla, Carol feminine form of Charles Female Filipino -
Carlo man Male Filipino -
Carlos free man Male Filipino -
Carmela garden Female Filipino -
Carmelita little poem Female Filipino -
Carmen poem Female Filipino -
Caroline beautiful woman Female Filipino -
Carolyn Varient of "Caroline". Female Filipino -
Cassandra she who entangles men Female Filipino -
Catherine, Cathy pure Female Filipino -
Cathleen pure Female Filipino -
Cecilia, Cecelia, blind Female Filipino -
Cedric chief Male Filipino -
Celeste heavenly Female Filipino -
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