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Popular Baby Names, origin Filipino

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xolani please forgive Female Filipino -
Xorn Xorn is a fictional name which was created and used in the American comic, X-Man. The name was also used in the role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. It is not commonly used to name babies, except by fanatical X-Men or Dungeons fans. Male Filipino -
Xuan spring Both Filipino -
Xue snow Female Filipino -
Xue Fang fragrant snow Female Filipino -
Xuxa queen Female Filipino -
Xylander forest man Male Filipino -
Xylia from the forest Female Filipino -
Xylon from the forest Male Filipino -
Yachi eight thousand Female Filipino -
Yael mountain goat Female Filipino -
Yamal on of a twin Male Filipino -
Yamka budding flower Female Filipino -
Yana he answers Female Filipino -
Yancy Englishman Female Filipino -
Yanni, Yannis God is gracious Male Filipino -
Yardan to flow down Male Filipino -
Yaron he will sing Male Filipino -
Yaser easy, smooth Male Filipino -
Yasmin Jasmine Female Filipino -
Yasu calm Both Filipino -
Yasuo peaceful one Male Filipino -
Yelena form of Helen Female Filipino -
Yenge work Both Filipino -
Yeriel God has taught me Male Filipino -
Yessica God beholds Female Filipino -
Yestin just Male Filipino -
Yetta, Yettie short form of Henrietta Female Filipino -
Yoland violet flower Female Filipino -
Yolanda violet flower Female Filipino -
Yonah dove Both Filipino -
Yori reliable Female Filipino -
Yorick farmer Male Filipino -
York from the town of Eburos Male Filipino -
Yosef, Yosefu God will add Male Filipino -
Yoshe beauty Female Filipino -
Yoshi, Yoshino good, respectful Female Filipino -
Yoshiko good child Female Filipino -
Yousef God will increase Male Filipino -
Yovela jubilee Female Filipino -
Yuki snow or lucky Both Filipino -
Yukio gets what he wants Male Filipino -
Yuma son of the chief Male Filipino -
Yuri farmer Male Filipino -
Yuval brook Male Filipino -
Yves Yew Male Filipino -
Yvette, Yvonne Yew Female Filipino -
Yvon diminutive form of Yves Male Filipino -
Zabby God is my oath Female Filipino -
Zabel God is my oath Female Filipino -
Zabrina Latin for the river Severn, England Female Filipino -
Zach God has remembered Male Filipino -
Zachary God has remembered Male Filipino -
Zaire from Zaire Both Filipino -
Zander defender of men Male Filipino -
Zara princess Female Filipino -
Zareb guardian Male Filipino -
Zared trap Male Filipino -
Zarina golden Female Filipino -
Zarita princess Female Filipino -
Zeb short form of Zebedee or Zebulon Male Filipino -
Zed God is righteous Male Filipino -
Zeena beautiful Female Filipino -
Zena hospitable Male Filipino -
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