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Popular Baby Names, origin Hebrew

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tivona lover of nature Female Hebrew -
Toba Good Female Hebrew -
Tobiah Goodness of God Male Hebrew -
Tobias God is good Male Hebrew Tobia, Tobiah, Toby, Tobit, Tobin, Tova, Tobey, Tóbiás
Tobin a form of Tobias Male Hebrew -
Tobit Female Hebrew -
Tobit son of Tobias Male Hebrew -
Toby a familiar form of Tobias Male Hebrew -
Tohy Goodness of God Male Hebrew -
Toibe Goodly Female Hebrew -
Tomasina Twin Female Hebrew -
Tomasine Twin Female Hebrew -
Tomer tall Male Hebrew -
Tommi a short form of Thomasina Female Hebrew -
Tommie a familiar form of Thomas Male Hebrew -
Tommy a familiar form of Thomas Male Hebrew -
Tova Good Female Hebrew -
Tovah Good Female Hebrew -
Tove good Female Hebrew -
Tovi good Male Hebrew -
Tsifira Crown Female Hebrew -
Tubal he who tills the soil Male Hebrew -
Tutyahu Goodness of God Male Hebrew -
Tuvya Male Hebrew -
Tzadok righteous Male Hebrew -
Tzefanyah Treasure by God Male Hebrew -
Tzefanyahu Treasure by God Male Hebrew -
Tzephaniah Protected by God Male Hebrew -
Tzevi Gazelle Male Hebrew -
Tzila Protection Female Hebrew -
Tzilla Defender Female Hebrew -
Tzion sign from God Male Hebrew -
Tzivia Gazelle Female Hebrew -
Tziyon Son of Zion Male Hebrew -
Tziyona Zion Female Hebrew -
Tzuriel Male Hebrew -
Tzvi Deer Male Hebrew -
Tzzipporah Bird Female Hebrew -
Udeh praise Male Hebrew -
Uehudah Male Hebrew -
Uri light Male Hebrew Urie
Uriah God is light Both Hebrew Uria
Uriah God is my light Male Hebrew -
Urice Light Female Hebrew -
Uriel light of God Male Hebrew Uriell
Urit Light Female Hebrew -
Uzi my strength Male Hebrew -
Uziel God is my strenght; mighty force Male Hebrew -
Uzzia God is my strength Female Hebrew -
Uzziah God is mighty Male Hebrew -
Uzziel God is mighty Male Hebrew -
Vadit Rose Female Hebrew -
Varda rose Female Hebrew -
Vardina a form of Varda Female Hebrew -
Vardit Rose Female Hebrew -
Vared Rose Female Hebrew -
Velvel wolf Male Hebrew -
Vered rose Male Hebrew -
Vida Dearly loved Female Hebrew -
Xamantha a form of Samantha Female Hebrew -
Xami a form of Sami Female Hebrew -
Xamuela a form of Samuela Female Hebrew -
Xara a form of Sarah . Female Hebrew -
Xarika a form of Sarika Female Hebrew -
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