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Popular Baby Names, origin Hebrew

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xarina a form of Sarina Female Hebrew -
Xesus savior Male Hebrew -
Ximena Female Hebrew -
Xoan God is good Male Hebrew -
Xoana God is compassionate and merciful Female Hebrew -
Xob persecuted, afflicted Male Hebrew -
Xosefa seated by God Female Hebrew -
Xudas a form of Judas Male Hebrew -
Ya akove Replaces Female Hebrew -
Ya el Goat Female Hebrew -
Yaakov Supplanting Male Hebrew -
Yachiel God lives Male Hebrew -
Yachne gracious Female Hebrew -
Yadid friend; beloved Male Hebrew -
Yadira friend Female Hebrew -
Yadon he will judge Male Hebrew -
Yael Mountain goat Female Hebrew -
Yaffa Beautiful Female Hebrew -
Yaffit Beautiful Female Hebrew -
Yagil He will rejoice Male Hebrew -
Yahaira a form of Yakira Female Hebrew -
Yair Enlighten Male Hebrew -
Yajaira a form of Yakira Female Hebrew -
Yakir honored Male Hebrew -
Yakira precious; dear Female Hebrew -
Yan God's grace Male Hebrew Yann, Yannic, Yanni
Yani a short form of Yannis Female Hebrew -
Yanira Female Hebrew -
Yanis God's gift Male Hebrew Yannis
Yannis gift of God Female Hebrew -
Yanton a form of Johnathon Male Hebrew -
Yaphet Handsome Male Hebrew -
Yardane Descendent Male Hebrew -
Yarden the river Jordan Male Hebrew -
Yardena Descending Female Hebrew -
Yardenah Descending Female Hebrew -
Yared He will descend Male Hebrew -
Yarin to understand Male Hebrew -
Yarkona Green Female Hebrew -
Yarom he will raise up Male Hebrew -
Yaron he will sing; he will cry out Male Hebrew -
Yavin Understanding Male Hebrew -
Yavonna Female Hebrew -
Ydel praise Female Hebrew Yidel
Yedida dear friend Female Hebrew -
Yedidah Friend Female Hebrew -
Yedidiah Beloved of God Male Hebrew -
Yedidya a form of Jedidiah Male Hebrew -
Yedidyah Beloved by God Male Hebrew -
Yeeshai Rich gift Male Hebrew -
Yehoash Gift from God Male Hebrew -
Yehonadov Gift from God Male Hebrew -
Yehoyakem a form of Joachim Male Hebrew -
Yehoyakim God will establish Male Hebrew -
Yehuda Praised Male Hebrew -
Yehudah a form of Yehudi Male Hebrew -
Yehudi praise god, a man from Judah, a jew Male Hebrew Yehuda
Yehudit Praise Female Hebrew -
Yeira light Female Hebrew -
Yemena Female Hebrew -
Yerachmiel Loves God Male Hebrew -
Yerucham Beloved by God Male Hebrew -
Yeshaya Male Hebrew -
Yeshurun right way Male Hebrew -
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