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Popular Baby Names, origin Hebrew

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ameer a form of Amir Male Hebrew -
Ameera a form of Amira Female Hebrew -
Ami the builder Male Hebrew -
Amia a form of Amy Female Hebrew -
Amiano a form of Amon Male Hebrew -
Amichai My parents are alive Male Hebrew -
Amiel god of my people Male Hebrew -
Amiezer my community is helped Male Hebrew -
Amijai my community is alive Male Hebrew -
Amikam Rising nation Male Hebrew -
Amin trustworthy; honest Male Hebrew -
Amine a form of Amin Male Hebrew -
Amior my community is light Male Hebrew -
Amir Proclaimed Male Hebrew -
Amira Speech Female Hebrew -
Amirah a form of Amira Female Hebrew -
Amiram Lofty people Male Hebrew -
Amishalom my community is peace Male Hebrew -
Amishar my community sings Male Hebrew -
Amissa friend Female Hebrew -
Amita truth Female Hebrew -
Amitai my truth Male Hebrew -
Amiti Truth Male Hebrew -
Amiya a form of Amia Female Hebrew -
Amiyah a form of Amia Female Hebrew -
Ammi My people Male Hebrew -
Ammiel People of God Male Hebrew -
Ammitai Truth Male Hebrew -
Amnon Faithful Male Hebrew -
Amon Faithful Male Hebrew -
Amos troubled Male Hebrew -
Amram Great nation Male Hebrew -
Anais gracious Female Hebrew -
Anani cloudy Female Hebrew -
Anat A singer Female Hebrew -
Anata A singer Female Hebrew -
Anate A singer Female Hebrew -
Anatie A singer Female Hebrew -
Anke grace Female Hebrew Anka
Anne gracious Female Hebrew Ann, Anna, Annis, Annys, Anya, Anja, Anika, Annika, Annie, Annice, Anita, Anca, Anneka, Annette, Ana, Anita, Annette, Nanette, Anitia, Anushka, Anuschka
Annina graceful Female Hebrew -
Aphra Dust Female Hebrew -
Aram Father of a multitude Male Hebrew -
Araminta lofty Female Hebrew -
Aran a form of Arran Male Hebrew -
Arashel strong and protected hill Female Hebrew -
Arbel divine night Male Hebrew -
Ardi a short form of Arden Female Hebrew -
Ardice a form of Ardirh Female Hebrew -
Ardith flowering field Female Hebrew -
Ardon bronze Male Hebrew -
Areille Lioness of God Female Hebrew -
Arella angel messenger Female Hebrew -
Aren a form of Aaron Male Hebrew -
Ari lion Male Hebrew Aree
Ariah a form of Aria Female Hebrew -
Arial a form of Ariel Female Hebrew -
Arie Lion of God Male Hebrew -
Ariel lioness of god Female Hebrew Arial, Aryel, Ario, Ari, Ariella, Ariela, Ariele, Arielle, Alli, Rel
Ariela Lion of God Female Hebrew -
Ariella a form of Ariel Female Hebrew -
Arielle Lion of God Female Hebrew -
Arion Melodious Male Hebrew -
Armani a form of Armon Male Hebrew -
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