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Popular Baby Names, origin Hebrew

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aviv Springtime Male Hebrew -
Aviva springtime Female Hebrew Avital, Avi, Avia, Avivah
Avivah Springtime Female Hebrew -
Avivi Springtime Female Hebrew -
Avivit Innocent Female Hebrew -
Avneet a form of Avner Female Hebrew -
Avner Father of light Male Hebrew -
Avniel My father is my rock Male Hebrew -
Avraham Father of a multitude Male Hebrew -
Avram a form of Abraham, Abram Male Hebrew -
Avsalom Father of peace Male Hebrew -
Avshalom Father of peace Male Hebrew -
Aya Bird Female Hebrew -
Ayah a form of Aya Female Hebrew -
Ayala gazelle, goat Female Hebrew -
Ayalah Doe Female Hebrew -
Ayla oak tree Female Hebrew -
Azadanes strong Male Hebrew -
Azades Azadanes Male Hebrew -
Azael made from God Male Hebrew -
Azalia spared by jehovah Female Hebrew Azaria
Azare God helped Male Hebrew -
Azaria a form of Azuriah Female Hebrew -
Azarias the Lord sustains me Male Hebrew -
Azariel he who has control over the waters Male Hebrew -
Azarious God helps Male Hebrew -
Azarya God helps Male Hebrew -
Azaryah God helps Male Hebrew -
Azaryahu God helps Male Hebrew -
Azas strong Male Hebrew -
Azazael name of an evil spirit Male Hebrew -
Azazel cancerous spirit Male Hebrew -
Azeca strong Male Hebrew -
Azizah Strong Female Hebrew -
Azrael God helps Male Hebrew -
Azriel God helps Male Hebrew -
Azuriah aided by God Male Hebrew -
Bara to choose Female Hebrew -
Barabas Barabba Male Hebrew -
Barak Lightning Male Hebrew -
Baram son of the people Male Hebrew -
Barnabas son of prophecy Male Hebrew Barnaby, Barney, Barnie, Barn
Barra chosen Female Hebrew -
Barrak Flash of lightning Male Hebrew -
Bart Ploughman Male Hebrew -
Bartel Ploughman Male Hebrew -
Bartholomew furrow, hill Male Hebrew Barth, Bart, Barthol, Bartel, Bartlett, Bartley, Barton, Bertol, Bartold, Bat, Bart, Tholy, Tolly, Bartolomeo, Parlan
Bartley Ploughman Male Hebrew -
Baruc,Baruj he who is blessed by God Male Hebrew -
Baruch blessed Male Hebrew -
Basemat balm Female Hebrew -
Basia daughter of God Female Hebrew -
Bathsheba daughter of the oath Female Hebrew Batsheva, Bathshua, Batya, Basia, Basya, Sheba
Battseeyon Daughter of Zion Female Hebrew -
Battzion Daughter of Zion Female Hebrew -
Batya Daughter of God Female Hebrew -
Becca a short form of Rebecca Female Hebrew -
Becka a form of Becca Female Hebrew -
Bela Destruction Male Hebrew -
Ben a short form of Benjamin Male Hebrew -
Ben Zion son of Zion Male Hebrew -
Benjamin son of my right hand Male Hebrew Benji, Benjie, Bennie, Benny, Ben, Beniamino
Benjiman a form of Benjamin Male Hebrew -
Benjy a familiar form of Benjamin Male Hebrew -
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