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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Naira Star Female Indian -
Naira Shinning, glittering Female Muslim -
Nairi country of rivers Male Armen -
Nairi land of rivers Female Armenian -
Nairit South West Male Bengali -
Nairit South-west Male Indian -
Nairita Coming from the Southwest Direction Female Indian -
Nairiti Apsara Female Assemese -
Nairiti Apsara Female Indian -
Nairne from the narrow river glade Both Scottish -
Nairne From the alder - tree river. Male Scottish -
Naiser N/A Male Indian -
Naisha Special Female Bengali -
Naisha Special Female Hindi -
Naisha Special Female Indian -
Naishada Poetry Female Assemese -
Naishada Poetry Female Indian -
Naishadh King Nala; A Hero from the Mahabharata who was King of Nishadha Male Indian -
Naishadha Poetry Male Indian -
Naishadha Poetry Female Indian -
Naishal Mountain Male Indian -
Naishi Jewel Female Indian -
Naitik Ethical Male Indian -
Naitri Laxmi Female Indian -
Naivadya Prasad Male Indian -
Naivaidya Prasad Male Indian -
Naivedhi Prasad Offered to God Female Indian -
Naivy Blue Related Female Indian -
Naiya Water or Boat Female Indian -
Naiyah New Male Indian -
Naiyah New Female Indian -
Najaah Success Female Arabic -
Najaah Success Female Assemese -
Najaah Success Male Indian -
Najaah Success Female Indian -
Najaf City in iraq Female Arabic -
Najaf N/A Male Indian -
Najaf City in iraq Female Muslim -
Najah Success, safety. Female Arabic -
Najah Success, safety Female Muslim -
Najah, Najaah Success Female Muslim -
Najair Little Star. Male Arabic -
Najair Little Star Male Muslim -
Najam Star Male Arabic -
Najam Star Male Muslim -
Najat Safety Female Arabic -
Najat Safety Female Bengali -
Najat Safety Male Indian -
Najat Safety Female Indian -
Najat Safety Female Muslim -
Najda Courage Female Arabic -
Najdah Courage, bravery Female Arabic -
Najdah Courage, bravery Female Muslim -
Najeeb Of noble descent Male Arabic -
Najeeb Of Noble Descent Male Indian -
Najeeb Of noble birth Male Muslim -
Najeeba Intelligent, excellent Female Arabic -
Najeeba Of Noble Birth Female Indian -
Najeed Highland Male Arabic -
Najeed Highland Male Muslim -
Naji Safe Male Arabic -
Naji Saved, Liberated, Safe. Male Afghan -
Naji Saved; Rescued; Close Friend; Survivor Male Indian -
Naji Safe, survivor Male Muslim -
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