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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Naaz Pride, elegance Female Arabic -
Naaz Pride; Delicacy Male Indian -
Naaz Pride Female Indian -
Naaz Pride, elegance Female Muslim -
Naazneen Beautiful Female Arabic -
Naazneen Beautiful Female Muslim -
Nab Abbot. Male Scottish -
Naba Great News. Female Arabic -
Naba Great News Female Muslim -
Nabah Nobel High; Sky Female Indian -
Nabanipa A New Flower Female Indian -
Nabanita A New Life Female Indian -
Nabarun Morning Sun Male Indian -
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding Male Arabic -
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding Male Indian -
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Arabic -
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Indian -
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Muslim -
Nabeel Noble Male Arabic -
Nabeel Noble Male Indian -
Nabeel Noble Man Male Muslim -
Nabeela Noble, honorable Female Arabic -
Nabeela Noble Female Indian -
Nabeelah Noble. Female Arabic -
Nabeelah Noble Female Muslim -
Nabelung beautiful one Female African -
Nabendu Male Hindu -
Nabendu New Moon Male Bengali -
Nabendu New Moon Male Indian -
Nabh Sky Male Indian -
Nabha Nobel High, Sky Female Bengali -
Nabha Nobel High, Sky Female Assemese -
Nabha The Heart Center Male Indian -
Nabha Nobel High; Sky Female Indian -
Nabhan Alert. Male Arabic -
Nabhan Noble; Outstanding Male Indian -
Nabhan Alert Male Muslim -
Nabhan, Nabih Noble, outstanding Male Muslim -
Nabhanipa A New Flower Female Indian -
Nabhanya Celestial Female Indian -
Nabhanyu Eternal Male Indian -
Nabhas Sky Male Indian -
Nabhasa Celestial Male Indian -
Nabhasi Celestial Female Indian -
Nabhendu New Moon Male Indian -
Nabhi Focus; the best,Central Female Assemese -
Nabhi Focus; The Best Male Indian -
Nabhi Central Female Indian -
Nabhij Lord Brahama Male Bengali -
Nabhij Lord Brahama Male Indian -
Nabhiraj Lord Brahama Male Indian -
Nabhita Fearless Female Indian -
Nabhith Fearless Male Indian -
Nabhitha Fearless Female Bengali -
Nabhitha Fearless Female Indian -
Nabhkanti Light of Sky Male Indian -
Nabhoj Born in Sky Male Indian -
Nabhomandal New Moon Male Indian -
Nabhomani Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Male Bengali -
Nabhomani Jewel of the Sky; Sun Male Indian -
Nabhya Central Male Indian -
Nabhya Central Female Indian -
Nabi Another name for Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Nabi Prophet sent by God for the guidance of mankind. Male Afghan -
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