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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Naganalatha Snake Goddess Female Indian -
Naganan N/A Male Indian -
Naganand Son of Naga Male Indian -
Naganandi N/A Male Indian -
Naganandini Mountain Born Female Bengali -
Nagander N/A Male Indian -
Nagandra N/A Male Indian -
Naganika Serpent Maiden Female Indian -
Nagannan N/A Male Indian -
Nagapati The Lord of the Mountains Male Indian -
Nagappa N/A Male Indian -
Nagappan N/A Male Indian -
Nagaraj King of serpents. Male Bengali -
Nagaraj King of Cobras Male Indian -
Nagaraja King of the Mountains Male Indian -
Nagaraja Lord Nagaraja Female Indian -
Nagarajan King of the Serpents Male Indian -
Nagaraji N/A Male Indian -
Nagaraju King of Snakes Male Indian -
Nagarathna Snakes Diamond Male Indian -
Nagari The Enemy of Serpents Male Indian -
Nagarin Lord of a Town Male Indian -
Nagarjun Best Among the Snakes Male Indian -
Nagarjuna N/A Male Indian -
Nagasakthi N/A Female Indian -
Nagasami N/A Male Indian -
Nagasenan N/A Male Indian -
Nagashree Snake Goddess Female Assemese -
Nagashree Snake Goddess Female Indian -
Nagasri The Wealth of Serpents Female Indian -
Nagaswamy Emperor of Snake Male Indian -
Nagchuda N/A Male Indian -
Nagdhar One Who Wears Cobra Male Bengali -
Nagdhar One who Adornes Mountain Male Indian -
Nageen Precious stone Female Arabic -
Nageena Gem; Great Male Indian -
Nageenah Precious Stone. Female Arabic -
Nageenah Precious Stone Female Muslim -
Nagelfar The ship that will carry the dead to Ragnarok. Male Norse -
Nagendra Seshnag; Snake Male Indian -
Nagendran N/A Male Indian -
Nagesh Seshnag; Cosmic Serpent Male Indian -
Nagesha Lord of Serpents Male Indian -
Nageshan Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Nageshvar N/A Male Indian -
Nageshwar Lord of the Cobras Male Indian -
Nageshwara Lord of the Mountains Male Indian -
Nageshwaran Lord Snake Male Indian -
Nageshwari Goddess of Serpents Female Indian -
Nageswar N/A Male Indian -
Nageswara Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Nageswari King Of Snakes Female Bengali -
Nageswari Goddess of the Mountain; Elephants Female Indian -
Naggar Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Naggar Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Nagge Clearness, brightness, light. Female Biblical -
Nagheen Pearl. Female Arabic -
Nagheen Pearl Female Muslim -
Naghma Melody. Female Afghan -
Nagi Saved Male Indian -
Nagib nobleor intelligent Male Arabic -
Nagid ruler; prince Male Hebrew -
Nagida Prosperous Female Hebrew -
Nagihan Female Turkish -
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