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Popular Baby Names starting with F for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Farshid/Farsheed Sunshine, Splendour or the pomp of the sun. Male Afghan -
Farson Son of Farr. Male English -
Fartash Existence Male Indian -
Farud Solitary; Unique Male Indian -
Faruh Happiness Male Indian -
Farukh Power of Discrimination Male Indian -
Farun Variant of Faron: English surname. Male English -
Faruq Who distinguishes truth from false Male Arabic -
Faruq Divider Between Vice and Virtue; One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood Male Indian -
Faruq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood Male Muslim -
Faruq / Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood Male Muslim -
Faruz Turquoise Male Indian -
Farvardin First Month of Iranian Calendar Male Indian -
Farwah Name of a few of the companions Male Arabic -
Farwah Covering; A Crow Male Indian -
Farwah Name of a few of the companions Male Muslim -
Faryad Surprise; Cry for Help; Complaint Male Indian -
Farzaan N/A Male Indian -
Farzad Splendid birth. Male Afghan -
Farzad Splendid Birth Male Indian -
Farzam Worthy; Befitting Male Indian -
Farzan Learned, Wise. Male Afghan -
Farzan Wise Male Indian -
Farzand Child; Son Male Indian -
Farzin Learned Male Indian -
Farzin / Farzeen Learned, Queen of chess. Male Afghan -
Fasahat Eloquence Male Arabic -
Fasahat Eloquence Male Muslim -
Faseeh Eloquent (Suggested nameFASEEUDDIN) Male Arabic -
Faseeh Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN) Male Muslim -
Fashan Mace of Iron; Silver or Gold Male Indian -
Fasolt Killed by Fafnir. Male Norse -
Faste Firm. Male Norse -
Fastiq One who rips apart Male Arabic -
Fastyar Commander of 1000 Men Male Indian -
Fateen Clever Smart Male Arabic -
Fateen Clever; Smart Male Indian -
Fateen Clever, Smart Male Muslim -
Fateenah Intelligent. Male Arabic -
Fateenah Intelligent Male Muslim -
Fateh Victory Male Arabic -
Fateh Conqueror. Male Afghan -
Fateh Victory Male Assemese -
Fateh Victory Male Indian -
Fatehchand Success Male Indian -
Fatehpal The Protector of Victory Male Indian -
Fath Victory Male Arabic -
Fath Winner; Victorious Male Indian -
Fath Victory Male Muslim -
Fathi conqueror Male Arabic -
Fathi Victorious one Male Muslim -
Fathullah Victory granted by God. Male Afghan -
Fatih Opener, conqueror Male Arabic -
Fatih Conqueror Male Muslim -
Fatik Deadly, Lethal Male Arabic -
Fatik Crystal Male Indian -
Fatik Deadly, Lethal Male Muslim -
Fatin Captivating Male Indian -
Fatin / Fateen Clever, smart Male Muslim -
Fatiq Bright; Shining; East; Dawn Male Indian -
Fattah One who attains victory. Male Arabic -
Fattah The one who opens. Male Afghan -
Fattah The One who Opens; One who Solves Difficulties; One of the Ninety-nine Names of God; One who Attains Victory Male Indian -
Fattah One who attains victory Male Muslim -
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