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Popular Baby Names starting with F for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Fearchar Dear one. Male Scottish -
Fearcher Very dear. Male Gaelic -
Fearghall Victorious. Male Gaelic -
Fearghus Manly. Male Celtic -
Fearghus Rock. Male Gaelic -
Feargus Rock. Also a variant of 'Fearghas', derived from the Celtic for 'man' and 'choice'. Male Gaelic -
Fearnhamm From the fern field. Male English -
Fearnhealh From the fern slope. Male English -
Fearnleah From the fern meadow. Male English -
Featherstone English place name. Male English -
Februus Pagan God Male Latin Feb, Febby
Federico peaceful ruler Male Filipino -
Federico Italian form of Frederick 'peaceful ruler'. Male Italian -
Federico Spanish form of Frederick 'peaceful ruler'. Male Spanish -
Fedor Divine gift. Male Greek -
Fedor God's gift. Male Russian -
Fedya God's gift. Male Russian -
Fedya Divine gift. Male Teutonic -
Fedyenka Russian form of Theodore 'gift from God'. Male Russian -
Feeble 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Francis Feeble, a country soldier. Male Shakespearean -
Feichin Raven Male lrish -
Feilo Familiar. Male Polynesian -
Feirefiz A mulatto heathen who became Christian. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Feivel Bright One Male Indian -
Fekitoa Gathering of two men. Male Polynesian -
Felabeorbt Brilliant. Male English -
Felamaere Famous. Male English -
Felan Little wolf Male lrish -
Felding Lives in the field. Male English -
Feldon From the field estate. Male English -
Feldtun From the field estate. Male English -
Feldun From the field estate. Male English -
Feleti Peace. Male Polynesian -
Felice Happy; Fortunate Male Indian -
Feliciano Happy. Male Italian -
Feliciano Happy. Male Spanish -
Felicio Lucky. Male Italian -
Feliks Polish form of Felix 'lucky'. Male Polish -
Feliks Russian form of Felix 'lucky'. Male Russian -
Felipe horse lover Male Filipino -
Felipe Spanish form of Phillip 'loves horses'. Male Spanish -
Felippe Variant of Philip. Male Spanish -
Felix happy Male Latin Felice
Felix Advances. Male Anglo -
Felix happy and prosperous Male Filipino -
Felix 'Happy, prosperous' Male Biblical -
Felix Lucky. Male Spanish -
Felix !ucky. Male Swedish -
Fell From the rough hill. Male Norse -
Felten Variant of Felton: Field town. Male English -
Feltin Variant of Felton: Field town. Male English -
Felton From the field estate. Male English -
Feng sharp blade; wind Male Chinese -
Fengge phoenix pavilion Male Chinese -
Fenil Name of French Flower Male Indian -
Fenris A mythical monster wolf. Male Norse -
Fenris Figure in Scandinavian mythology. Male Scandinavian -
Fenton marshland dweller Male English -
Fenton Marshland farm Male Anglo -
Fenton 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A young gentleman. Male Shakespearean -
Fenuku Born late. Male Egyptian -
Fenwick Swamp farm. Male English -
Fenyang Botswanan name meaning 'conqueror'. Male African -
Fenyang Conquers. Male Egyptian -
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