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Popular Baby Names starting with F for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Fau Tree. Male Polynesian -
Fauiki Little trees. Male Polynesian -
Faulconbridge 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Robert Shallow, a country justice. 'King John' Robert Faulconbridge, and his father, Sir Robert Faulconbridge. Male Shakespearean -
Faulkner Variant of Falkner: Falconer; one who trains falcons. Male English -
Faust Lucky; Fortunate; Enjoying Good Luck Male Indian -
Faust Lucky. Male Italian -
Fausto Lucky. Male Italian -
Fausto Lucky. Male Spanish -
Fautave Big/tall trees. Male Polynesian -
Favian Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius; a name given several Roman emperors and 16 saints. Male English -
Favian Understanding; Derived from the Roman Clan Name Fabius; A Name Given Several Roman Emperors and 16 Saints; Man of Wisdom Male Indian -
Favio Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius; a name given several Roman emperors and 16 saints. Male English -
Fawad Heart Male Arabic -
Fawad Heart Male Indian -
Fawad Heart Male Muslim -
Fawad / Fuad Heart. Male Afghan -
Fawaz Success, Salvation Male Arabic -
Fawaz Successful Male Indian -
Fawwaz Successful Male Arabic -
Fawwaz Successful Male Indian -
Fawwaz Most successful Male Muslim -
Fawz Success Salvation Male Arabic -
Fawzan Successful, Salvation Male Arabic -
Fawzan Victorious Male Muslim -
Fawzi Successful Male Arabic -
Fawzi Successful Male Indian -
Fawzi To do with success Male Muslim -
Faxon long hair Male Teutonic -
Faxon Long-haired. Male German -
Fayaaz Kind & Generous; Gracious. Male Arabic -
Fayaaz Kind & Generous; Gracious Male Muslim -
Fayaz Bountiful. Male Afghan -
Fayaz Extremely Generous Male Indian -
Fayd Abundance Male Arabic -
Fayd Abundance Male Muslim -
Fayek Surpassing excellent superior outstanding Male Arabic -
Fayek Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding Male Muslim -
Fayeq / Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished. Male Afghan -
Fayiz victor Male Arabic -
Fayne Joyful. Male English -
Faysal Decisive Male Arabic -
Faysal Stubborn; Resolute; Decisive Male Indian -
Faysal Decisive Male Muslim -
Fayyad Overflowing, generous Male Arabic -
Fayyad Overflowing, generous Male Muslim -
Fayyadh Generous Male Arabic -
Fayyaz Generous; Charitable; Bountiful; Merciful Male Indian -
Fayyim Strong Male Indian -
Fayzan Beneficence Male Arabic -
Fayzan Beneficence Male Muslim -
Fazal Grace. Male Arabic -
Fazal Excellence Male Indian -
Fazal Grace Male Muslim -
Fazan Ruler Male Arabic -
Fazel Favour, grace, excellence, merit, learning. Male Afghan -
Fazel Learned; Decisive Male Indian -
FazelRabi Bounty of my Lord. Male Afghan -
Fazil Talented; expert; intelligent; wise Male Arabic -
Fazil Talented; Scholar; Another Name for God Male Indian -
FazlulHaq Bounty of the Truth. Male Afghan -
Fazlullah Bounty of God. Male Afghan -
Feandan From the narrow glen. Male Scottish -
Fear Male English -
Fearbhirigh Wealthy or stubborn. Male Gaelic -
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