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Popular Baby Names starting with I for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ishrant Full of Strength Male Indian -
Ishrat Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness. Male Arabic -
Ishrat Affection Male Indian -
Ishrat Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness Male Muslim -
Ishrit Hindu Boy Male Indian -
Ishta Another Name for Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ishtadeva Desired Male Indian -
Ishtani N/A Male Indian -
Ishtarth Love; Affection Male Indian -
Ishti N/A Male Indian -
Ishtiyaq Longing craving Male Arabic -
Ishtiyaq Longing, craving Male Muslim -
Ishu A Ray of Light; Angel Sweet Lovely Beautiful Male Indian -
Ishudhi N/A Male Indian -
Ishuya N/A Male Indian -
Ishva A Spiritual Teacher Male Indian -
Ishvara Like God Male Indian -
Ishver Male Hindu -
Ishver N/A Male Indian -
Ishwa Spiritual Teacher Male Indian -
Ishwar God; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva Male Bengali -
Ishwar Powerful; The Supreme God Male Indian -
Ishwara The Lord; Ruler Male Indian -
Ishwaran N/A Male Indian -
Ishwaraprasad Given by the Gods Male Indian -
Ishwarapriya God's Beloved Male Indian -
Ishwarchandra The Greatest God Male Indian -
Ishwinder Lord Male Indian -
Ishya The Spring Season Male Indian -
Isiah God is my salvation Male Hebrew -
Isidore Strong Gift. Gift of Isis (this name is Greek, even though Isis is an Egyptian deity). St Isidore of Seville tried to convert Spanish Jews to Christianity during the 7th century. Male Greek -
Isidoro Gifted with many ideas. Male Spanish -
Isidoror Strong gift. Male Greek -
Isidro Male Spanish Chidro
Isidro gift of Isis Male Filipino -
Isidrro Strong gift. Male Greek -
Isis Powerful; The Supreme God Male Indian -
Iskandar SEE SIKANDAR. Male Arabic -
Iskandar King Alexander, The ancient greek king. Male Afghan -
Iskandar SEE SIKANDAR Male Muslim -
Islah Correction, improvement, reform, adjustment. Male Afghan -
Islam Submitting to God's will. Male Afghan -
Islam Submission to Allah Male Muslim -
Isleif Brother of Isrod. Male Norse -
Ismaael A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Ismael God listens. In the bible Ismael was son of Abraham by Sarah's Egyptian slave woman Hagar. Male Spanish -
Ismah Preservation, infallibility Male Arabic -
Ismah Preservation, infallibility Male Muslim -
Ismail A prophets name Male Arabic -
Ismail A Prophet, son of Abraham. Male Afghan -
Ismail Farsi for Ishmael; The Biblical Ishmael is the English Language Equivalent; A Prophet's Name; God Will Listen Male Indian -
Ismail A Prophets name (Ishmael) Male Muslim -
Ismat Chastity, modesty. Male Afghan -
Ismet Insusceptibility Male Indian -
Ismin As Swift as the Spring; Speedy Male Indian -
Isod God fights and prevails Male Hebrew -
Isolf Son of Hrani. Male Norse -
Israail The chosen one Male Arabic -
Israail The chosen one Male Muslim -
Israel prince of God, may God reign Male Hebrew -
Israel wrestled with God Male Filipino -
Israil Wrestled with God Male Indian -
Israr Insist never gives up Male Arabic -
Israr Secret, mystery. Male Afghan -
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