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Popular Baby Names starting with S for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Salar Leader Male Muslim -
Salarjung Army leader in war Male Arabic -
Salarjung beautiful Male Bengali -
Salarjung Beautiful Male Indian -
Salbatore Savior. Male Spanish -
Saleel sound, healthy Male Arabic -
Saleel Descendant; Son Male Indian -
Saleem Peaceful. (Swahili). Male African -
Saleem Sound, affable, healthy, guarded, perfect, complete, safe, secure. Male Arabic -
Saleem Healthy Male Indian -
Saleem Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere Male Muslim -
Saleh Good, right; a Prophets name Male Arabic -
Saleh Pious, Righteous, Upright. Male Afghan -
Saleh Good; Suitable; Righteousness Male Indian -
Saleh, Salih Good, right; a Prophets name Male Muslim -
Salehe Good man Male African -
Salem Safe Male Arabic -
Salem Healthy, safe, intact. Male Afghan -
Salem Peace Male Hebrew -
Salem Safe Male Indian -
Salerio 'The Merchant of Venice' Friend to Antonio and Bassanio. Male Shakespearean -
Salford From the willow ford. Male English -
Salhdene From the willow valley. Male English -
Salhford From the willow ford. Male English -
Salhtun Lives near the willow farm. Male English -
Salif Previous, Former Male Arabic -
Salif Previous, Former Male Muslim -
Saligram N/A Male Indian -
Salih Safe, whole,flawless Male Arabic -
Salih Righteous Male African -
Salih Upright. Male Egyptian -
Salih Virtuous Male Muslim -
Salij Water Born Male Indian -
Salik Passable, unobstructed Male Arabic -
Salik Passable, unobstructed Male Muslim -
Salil Sword, son Male Arabic -
Salil Water Male Indian -
Salim peace Male African -
Salim Safe, whole, flawless Male Arabic -
Salim Happy; Peaceful Male Bengali -
Salim Sound, Affable, Healthy, Guarded, Perfect. Male Afghan -
Salim Happy; Peaceful Male Indian -
Salim Secure, free Male Muslim -
Salim, Saleem Safe, healthy, whole, flawless Male Muslim -
Salisbury 'Henry VI, Part 1' and 'Henry VI, Part 2' Earl of Salisbury. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' and 'King John' Earl of Pembroke. 'King Richard The Second' Earl of Salisbury. Male Shakespearean -
Salisbury M 'King Henry V' Earl of Salisbury. Male Shakespearean -
Sallsbury From the fortified keep. Male English -
Salmaan Healthy, safe, wholesome; name fo the first Persian to embrace Islam Male Arabic -
Salmalin Claw Male Indian -
Salman protector, conqueror Male Arabic -
Salman Safety. Male Afghan -
Salman Safe Male Indian -
Salman Peaceful Male Muslim -
Salmoneus During Trojan War he pretended to be Zeus. Male Greek -
Salokh Friendship Male Indian -
Saloman peaceful Male Hebrew Salomi, Solomon, Schlomo, Shlomo, Soloman, Salomon, Salmon, Sholem, Shalom, Solom, Salamon
Salomon Another form of Solomon. Male Bengali -
Salomon Peace. Variant of Shalom. Male Spanish -
Salsaal Pure Water. Male Arabic -
Salsaal Pure Water Male Muslim -
Salsal Pure Water. Male Arabic -
Salsal Pure Water Male Muslim -
Salt A narrator of Hadith Male Arabic -
Salt A narrator of Hadith Male Muslim -
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