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Popular Baby Names starting with S for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Saka Hunter Male Indian -
Sakal All Whole Perfect Male Indian -
Sakaleshwar Lord of Everything Male Indian -
Sakar Lively Male Indian -
Sakash Illumination Male Bengali -
Sakash Illumination Male Indian -
Sakda power Male Thai -
Sakelshwar Lively Male Indian -
Sakesh Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Saket Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Saketa Lord of Everything Male Indian -
Saketh God; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Saketharaman A Name for Lord Rama Male Indian -
Sakhaa Generosity, liberality. Male Afghan -
Sakhawat Generosity, liberality, open-handness. Male Arabic -
Sakhawat Generosity, liberality, open-handness Male Muslim -
Sakhi Generous.Arabic. Male Afghan -
Sakhr Rock Male Arabic -
Sakhr Rock Male Muslim -
Sakhrah Rock s Male Arabic -
Sakhrah Rock(s) Male Muslim -
Sakib N/A Male Indian -
Sakima King. Male Native-American -
Saklani N/A Male Indian -
Saklendu Illumination Male Indian -
Sakngea greatness Male Cambodian -
Sakrapani N/A Male Indian -
Saksham Capable Male Indian -
Sakshik Witness Male Indian -
Sakshum Skillful Male Indian -
Sakthi Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Sakthivel Lord Muruga Male Indian -
Sakti Energy; Goodness Male Indian -
Saktipada N/A Male Indian -
Sakuni N/A Male Indian -
Sakyamuni N/A Male Indian -
Sakyasinha Lord Buddha Male Indian -
Sal Diminutive of Salvatore: Savior. Male Italian -
Sal Savior. Diminutive of Salvador. Male Spanish -
Salaah Goodness, moral soundness, well-beingadvisable, expedient. Male Afghan -
Salaahddinn The righteousness of the faith Male Arabic -
Salaahddinn The righteousness of the faith Male Muslim -
SalaahUdin Interest of the religion. Male Afghan -
Salaam Peace Male Arabic -
Salaam Peace Male Muslim -
Salagame N/A Male Indian -
Salah Righteousness Male Arabic -
Salah Righteousness Male Indian -
Salah Righteousness Male Muslim -
Salah al Din Righteousness of the Faith Male Arabic -
Salah al Din Righteousness of the Faith; name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders Male Muslim -
Salah Udeen The righteousness of the Faith Male Arabic -
Salahuddin The Righteousness of the Faith Male Indian -
Salaj Water which Flows from Melted Ice from Mountain Male Indian -
Salam Peace Male Arabic -
Salam Peace, Safety, Security. Male Afghan -
Salam Peace Male Muslim -
Salamah Soundness integrity Male Arabic -
Salaman High Male Indian -
Salamat Safety Male Arabic -
Salamat Safety Male Muslim -
Salapathi N/A Male Indian -
Salar Leader Male Arabic -
Salar Leader. Male Afghan -
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