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Popular Baby Names starting with S for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sahen Falcon Male Indian -
Sahendra Resembling God Indra in Power Male Indian -
Sahib sir Male Hindu -
Sahib Companion friend Male Arabic -
Sahib The Lord Male Indian -
Sahib Companion Male Muslim -
Sahil Guide. Male Arabic -
Sahil Ocean; Guide Male Indian -
Sahil Guide Male Muslim -
Sahinshnu Patient; Enduring; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Sahir Wakeful Male Arabic -
Sahir Magician Male Indian -
Sahir Wakeful Male Muslim -
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Sahisht Strongest; Most Powerful Male Indian -
Sahit Bounded Male Indian -
Sahith Literature Male Indian -
Sahithi Literature Male Indian -
Sahjanand Lord Swami Narayan Male Indian -
Sahl Easy to deal with Male Arabic -
Sahl Easy to deal with Male Muslim -
Sahlaad Joy; Cheerfulness Male Indian -
Sahm Arrow dart Male Arabic -
Sahm Arrow, dart Male Muslim -
Sahmir Entertaining companion Male Arabic -
Sahmir Entertaining companion Male Muslim -
Sahnaj A King Male Indian -
Sahni N/A Male Indian -
Sahodar Brother Male Indian -
Sahoj Full of Strength Male Indian -
Sahojit Victorious by Strength Male Indian -
Sahor Good Excellent Pious Male Indian -
Sahovan Mighty Superior Male Indian -
Sahuri Victorious Strong Male Indian -
Sahyadri N/A Male Indian -
Sai Flower Male Bengali -
Sai Flower; Everywhere Male Indian -
SaiAmartya Immortal Sai Baba Male Bengali -
Saiamartya Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba Male Indian -
Saib Foresaken abandoned Male Arabic -
Saib Appropriate, correct Male Muslim -
Saibal N/A Male Indian -
Saibya Belonging to Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Saicharan Sai's Feet Male Indian -
Said happy Male Arabic -
Said Happy Male Indian -
Said Happy. Male Persian -
Saidanyamurthi Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Saidanyan N/A Male Indian -
Saidas N/A Male Indian -
Saideep A Name for Sai Baba Male Indian -
Saieshwar Flower Male Indian -
Saieswar N/A Male Indian -
Saif Sword (of religion) Male Arabic -
Saif Sword. Male Afghan -
Saif Caring Male Indian -
Saif Sword Male Muslim -
Saif al Din Sword of the faith Male Arabic -
Saif al Din Sword of the faith Male Muslim -
Saif, Sayf, Seif Sword (of religion) Male Muslim -
Saifan Sword of Allah Male Arabic -
SaifUallah Sword of God. Male Afghan -
SaifUdin Sword of the religion. Male Afghan -
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