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Popular Baby Names starting with W for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Wulffrith Wolf of peace. Male English -
Wulfgar Name of a king. Male Anglo -
Wulfgar Wolf spear. Male English -
Wulfhere Male Anglo-Saxon -
Wulfhere Worthy. Male Anglo -
Wulfnoth Male Anglo-Saxon -
Wulfsige Victorious wolf. Male English -
Wulfweardsweorth World guardian. Male English -
Wurt Enchanting. Male Anglo -
Wuyi Soaring turkey vulture (Miwok). Male Native-American -
Wuzhou five continents Male Chinese -
Wyaat Warrior Male Indian -
Wyatt little warrior, water Male Old-English, Old-French Wyeth
Wyatt son of a guy Male Filipino -
Wyatt Guide; wide; wood. Famous Bearer: Wild west hero and frontier marshal Wyatt Earp (1848-1929). Male English -
Wyatt Guide. Male French -
Wybert Bright battle. Male English -
Wybjorn War bear. Male Norse -
Wyborn War bear. Male Norse -
WycIyf From the white cliff. Male English -
Wycliff from the cliff by the bend Male Filipino -
Wycliff From the white cliff. Male English -
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger Male Assemese -
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger Male Indian -
Wylfrid Friend of peace. Male English -
Wylie enchanting Male Old-English Wiley
Wylie Fighter. Male Anglo -
Wylie Well-watered meadow. Male English -
Wyligby From the willow farm. Male English -
Wylingford From the willow ford. Male English -
Wylltun From the farm by the spring. Male English -
Wyman Drawer of water. Male Anglo -
Wyman battle protector Male Filipino -
Wyman Warrior. Male English -
Wymer Famous in battle. Male English -
Wyn Handsome. Male Welsh -
Wynchell Friend. Male Anglo -
Wyndam the field with the winding path Male Old-English Windham, Wyn
Wyndell Friend. Surname. Male English -
Wyndham from Wymond's homestead Male Filipino -
Wyndham Wyman's Town; from the windy village. Famous Bearer: British writer John Wyndham (1903-1969). Male English -
Wyne Anger. Male Anglo -
Wyne Friend. Male English -
Wynfield From a friend's field. Male English -
Wynford White stream; holy stream. Male English -
Wynfred Friend of peace. Male Teutonic -
Wynfrith Friend of peace. Male English -
Wynn Friend. Variants are English surnames in rare use as given names. Male English -
Wynn White; fair; handsome. Male Welsh -
Wynne Fair. Male Celtic -
Wynono First born. Male Native-American -
Wynston From Wine's farm. Male English -
Wynter Born in the winter. Male English -
Wynthrop From Wine's estate. Male English -
Wynton Friend. Surname. Male English -
Wynward From Wine's forest. Male English -
Wynwode From Wine's forest. Male English -
Wyome plain Male Native-American -
Wyrttun From the vegetable farm. Male English -
Wystan battle stone Male Anglo-Saxon Winston
Wystan Battle stone. Male English -
Wyth From the willow tree. Male English -
Wythe From the willow tree. Male English -
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