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Popular Baby Names starting with W for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ward to guard Male Old-English Wardell, Warden, Wardley, Warfield, Warford, Warley, Warmond, Warton, Warwick
Ward Watchman Male Anglo -
Ward Blossoms, flowers Male Arabic -
Ward guardian Male Filipino -
Ward Guard; watchman. Male English -
Ward Watchman Male Irish -
Ward Blossoms, flowers Male Muslim -
Ward Guard. Male Teutonic -
Warde Guard. Male English -
Wardell From the guardian's hill. Male English -
Warden Guard. Male English -
Wardley From the guardian's meadow. Male English -
Ware Attend. Male Anglo -
Ware Wary. Male English -
Wareine Gamekeeper. Male English -
Waren Loyal. Male German -
Warenhari Defending warrior. Male German -
Wares Heir. Male Afghan -
Warfield From the field by the weir. Male English -
Warford From the farm by the weir. Male English -
Warian From the wealthy es... Male Anglo -
Waring Heedful. Male Teutonic -
Warleigh From the weir meadow. Male English -
Warley From the weir meadow. Male English -
Warner defending army Male Old-German Werner
Warner army guard Male Filipino -
Warner Defender. Male English -
Warner Protector of the people; defending warrior. Male German -
Warner Protecting army. Male Teutonic -
Warrane Warden of the game. Male French -
Warren watchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La Varenne Male Old-German, Middle-English, Teutonic, French Wareine, Warin, Warrener
Warren guard Male Filipino -
Warren Gamekeeper 'Defender.'. Male English -
Warren Protector; loyal. Famous Bearrer: Actor Warren Beatty. Male German -
Warren Protecting friend. Male Teutonic -
Warrick from the town by the river Male Filipino -
Warrick Fortress. Male English -
Warrick Protecting ruler. Male Teutonic -
Warsi N/A Male Indian -
Wart 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Thomas Wart, a country soldier. Male Shakespearean -
Warton From the farm by the weir. Male English -
Wartun From the farm by the weir. Male English -
Warwaha N/A Male Indian -
Warwick from the town by the weir Male Filipino -
Warwick Both a surname and a place name. Male English -
Warwick 'King Henry IV, Part 2', 'Henry V' and 'King Henry the Sixth, Part I, II and III' Earl of Warwick, one of the King's party. 'King Richard III' Edward, Duke of Warwick, a young son of Clarence. 'King Richard III' Edward, Earl of Warwick. Male Shakespearean -
Warwick Protecting ruler. Male Teutonic -
Warwyk Fortress. Male English -
Warwyk Protecting ruler. Male Teutonic -
Waryam The Brave One Male Indian -
Wasaf full of qualities Male Arabic -
Wasaki the enemy Male Filipino -
Wasan Idol Male Indian -
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless. Male Arabic -
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless Male Muslim -
Wase Liberal. Male Afghan -
Waseem Male Arabic -
Waseem Graceful; Good Looking Male Indian -
Waseem Handsome Male Muslim -
Wasef Describer, praiser. Male Afghan -
Washbourne From the flooding brook. Male English -
Washburn From the flooding brook. Male English -
Washburne From the flooding brook. Male English -
Washington from the estate of the wise one Male Old-English -
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