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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Nadra Rare, unique Female Muslim -
Nadwa Council, generosity Female Arabic -
Nadwa Council Male Indian -
Nadwa Council Female Indian -
Nadwah Councel Female Arabic -
Nadwah, Nadwa Council, generosity Female Muslim -
Nadyne Flower Female Arabic -
Nadyne Flower Female Muslim -
Naeem benevolent Male North African -
Naeem Blessing, Ease Male Arabic -
Naeem Benevoent. Male Egyptian -
Naeem Comfort; Ease; Tranquil Male Indian -
Naeem Blessing, Ease Male Muslim -
Naeema Ease, blessing Female Arabic -
Naeema Blessing; Living an Enjoyable Life Female Indian -
Naeema Ease, blessing Female Muslim -
Naeemah To be carefree Female African -
Naeemah Benevolent. Female Egyptian -
Naenie Lamenting. Female Latin -
Nafasat Refinement Male Arabic -
Nafasat Refinement Male Muslim -
Nafees Pureness, Pure Male Arabic -
Nafeesa Excellent, precious Female Arabic -
Nafeesa Precious thing Female Assemese -
Nafeesa Precious Thing Female Indian -
Nafeesa Precious Female Muslim -
Nafeesah Precious gem Female Arabic -
Nafeeza precious thing Female Arabic Nafiza, Naf, Naffy, Naffo
Nafesa Princess Female Arabic -
Nafi Useful Male Arabic -
Nafi Useful Male Muslim -
Nafiah Profitable. Female Arabic -
Nafiah Profitable Female Muslim -
Nafis Precious Male Arabic -
Nafis Precious Male Muslim -
Nafis / Nafees Refined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable. Male Afghan -
Nafisa precious Female Muslim -
Nafisa / Nafeesa Precious, exquisite. Female of Nafis. Female Afghan -
Nafisah Precious gem. Female Arabic -
Nafisah Precious gem Female Muslim -
Nafisah, Nafeesa Precious thing, gem Female Muslim -
Naflah Surplus, overabundance Female Arabic -
Naflah Surplus, overabundance Female Muslim -
Nafrin N/A Female Indian -
Naftali wreath Male Hebrew -
Naftalie Wreath Male Hebrew -
Naga A Smart Boy Male Indian -
Nagabhooshan Who Wears Serpents as Ornaments; Siva Male Indian -
Nagabhooshanam Ocean Male Indian -
Nagadhar N/A Male Indian -
Nagadhipa The Overlord of the Mountains Male Indian -
Nagadhiraja The Paramount King of the Mountains Male Indian -
Nagaiah Lord Cobra Male Indian -
Nagaiyan N/A Male Indian -
Nagaja Daughter of a Mountain Male Indian -
Nagajothi N/A Female Indian -
Nagalakshmi Central Female Indian -
Nagalata Snake Goddess Female Indian -
Nagalataa N/A Female Indian -
Nagalekha N/A Female Indian -
Nagamagal N/A Female Indian -
Nagamani Gem of Serpents; Naga Female Indian -
Nagammai Mother of Snake Female Indian -
Nagamuthu The Begining; First Female Indian -
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