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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Majd Udeen The glory of the Faith Male Arabic -
Majdi Glorious praiseworthy Male Arabic -
Majdi Glorious, praiseworthy Male Muslim -
Majdy Glorious Male Arabic -
Majdy Glorious Male Indian -
Majdy Glorious Male Muslim -
Majeed Superior Male Indian -
Majeed Superior. Male Persian -
Majeeda Glorious Male Indian -
Majety N/A Male Indian -
Majhi N/A Male Indian -
Majid Another name for the Quran Male Arabic -
Majid Glorified; Innovator; Glorious; Great; Honourable; Magnificent; Another Name for the Quran Male Indian -
Majid Glorious Male Muslim -
Majid / Majeed Glorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable. Male Afghan -
Majid al Din Glory of the Faith Male Arabic -
Majid, Magid glorious Male Muslim -
Majil N/A Male Indian -
Majman Greatness; Majesty Male Indian -
Majoo N/A Male Indian -
Major greater Male Latin Majeur, Majors, Majorie
Major Greater; Senior; An Office in the Army Male Indian -
Makaarim N/A Male Indian -
Makalani Clerk. Male Egyptian -
Makali The Moon Male Indian -
Makanda N/A Male Indian -
Makani Wind. Male Hawaiian -
Makara January Male Cambodian -
Makara Sea Monster Male Indian -
Makarand Honey Bee; Pollen Male Indian -
Makaranda Nectar; Bee Male Indian -
Makari Sea Monster Male Indian -
Makarioa Blessed. Male Greek -
Makeen Strong; Firm Male Arabic -
Makeen Strong; Firm Male Indian -
Makepeace peace maker Male Old-English -
Makhan Soft; Pure Butter Male Indian -
Makhdom Served, waited on. Male Afghan -
Makhdoom One who is served Male Arabic -
Makhdoom One who is served Male Muslim -
Makhesh Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Makhesh Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Maki Hill. Male Finnish -
Maki N/A Male Indian -
Makin Strong, firm, well founded Male Arabic -
Makin Strong Male Indian -
Makin Strong, firm, well founded Male Muslim -
Makisig handsome, manly Male Filipino -
Makkapitew He has large teeth (Algonquin). Male Native-American -
Makki Pertaining to Makkah. Male Arabic -
Makki Pertaining to Makkah Male Muslim -
Maklolm Swedish form of Makolm 'serves Saint Columba'. Male Swedish -
Makolm Follower of Saint Columba. Male Scottish -
Makram generousor noble Male Arabic -
Makrand Honey Male Indian -
Maks Great. Male Russian -
Maksimillian Great. Male Russian -
Maksym Polish form of Maximillian 'great'. Male Polish -
Maksymilian Polish form of Maximillian 'great'. Male Polish -
Makul A Bud Male Indian -
Makula A Bud Male Indian -
Makur Mirror Male Indian -
Makura Mirror Male Indian -
Makut Crown.Tiara(Triple crown worn by the Pope). Male Bengali -
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