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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Mahanta Grand Male Indian -
Mahantesh Guru Male Indian -
Mahanth great Male Bengali -
Mahanth Great Male Indian -
Mahapala N/A Male Indian -
Mahapatra N/A Male Indian -
Mahapurush Great Being; Lord Rama Male Indian -
Maharaj Great King Male Indian -
Maharaja Great King Male Indian -
Maharanth Pollen Inside a Flower Male Indian -
Maharath A Great Charioteer Male Indian -
Maharatha Grand Charioteer Male Indian -
Maharishi A Great Saint Male Indian -
Maharoopa Cute Male Indian -
Maharshi A Great Saint Male Indian -
Maharsi Great Saint Male Indian -
Maharta Truthful Male Indian -
Maharth Very Truthful Male Bengali -
Maharth Very Truthful Male Indian -
Maharudra The Biggest; Name of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Maharushi Great sage. Male Assemese -
Maharushi Great Sage Male Indian -
Maharvin Glorious Male Indian -
Mahasena N/A Male Indian -
Mahasvin Glorious Male Indian -
Mahat Great Male Indian -
Mahatab Moonlight Male Indian -
Mahatapa N/A Male Indian -
Mahatapas Great Meditator Male Bengali -
Mahatapas Great Meditator Male Indian -
Mahatapaswi With Severe Penance Male Indian -
Mahatejas Most Radiant Male Assemese -
Mahatejas Most Radiant Male Indian -
Mahatejaswi Very bright person. Mahaveer-Jain Guru.Founder of Jain religion. Male Bengali -
Mahatejaswi Very Bright Person Male Indian -
Mahatma Great Person Male Indian -
Mahatman Supreme Being Male Indian -
Mahatru Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Mahaveer most powerful Male Bengali -
Mahaveer Hain Guru; Founder of Jain Religion Male Indian -
Mahaveera N/A Male Indian -
Mahavil The Sky Male Indian -
Mahavir The most couragious among men; A Jain prophet Male Assemese -
Mahavir Most Courageous Among Men; A Jain Prophet; Also the Super Courageous One; Lord Mahavir Male Indian -
Mahavira son of Priyavrata Male Hindu -
Mahavira Son of Priyavrata Male Indian -
Mahaz The place of war Male Arabic -
Mahaz The place of war Male Muslim -
Mahbeer Brave Male Arabic -
Mahbeer Brave Male Muslim -
mahboob Dear Darling Sweetheart Male Arabic -
Mahboob Belived, Loved, Favourite, Popular, Darling. Male Afghan -
Mahbub Beloved, dear Male Arabic -
Mahbub Beloved, dear Male Muslim -
Mahd The guided one Male Arabic -
Mahd The guided one Male Muslim -
Mahdi Another name for Prophet Muhammad, Guide one Male Arabic -
Mahdi Rightfully Guided; Guided to the Right Path; Guided; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad Male Indian -
Mahdi Guided to the right path Male Muslim -
Mahdi / Mehdi Rightly guided. Male Afghan -
Mahdy Guided to the right path Male Arabic -
Mahdy Guided to the Right Path Male Indian -
Maheedhar Another Name of Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Maheem Lord Shiva Male Indian -
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